Friday Favorites Dec. 18

One week until the big day, are you ready? To be honest I seem to be missing some of the Christmas spirit this year. Oh sure, the gifts have been purchased and wrapped, the house is decorated, and the cards are almost ready to go. But, I’m not feeling it in my soul. I’m hoping now that I am officially on winter break that I can pack it all in and get in the mood!

This week I’m sharing some things that have caught my eye and it seems there’s still time to scoop them up yourself if you need a gift or two.

Dress || Necklace || Booties

Favorite #1

Indulge me once again if you will and allow me yammer on and on about Nolan’s graduation. As you know we spent last weekend getting photos taken and moving him out of his apartment. It was bittersweet but seeing how happy and excited he is brings a smile to my heart.

The day of the pictures was rainy and humid – and I was less than happy about it. But we made the best of it and the important part was that Nolan had a great time. He smiled big, cheesy smiles for the camera, and enjoyed having his friends in photos too. I had to remind myself that the day was about him (not my hair that was getting more disgusting by the moment).

You think he’d have done this if I suggested it? Um, no.

If you have the opportunity I recommend hiring a photographer to take photos like this. They know the spots on campus that photograph well and have good ideas for poses, etc. I lack creativity (hello, all of my photos for the blog are done on my street and I have like 3 poses!) so having someone direct the photos was helpful. There was also no, “come on mom, I am not doing THAT!” Instead it was, “oh, is this good?” Most of these photographers are college students themselves with a working knowledge of a camera and editing programs. We had over 100 shots sent to us to do with what we choose, well worth it! We paid $200 for 2.5 hours of photos for up to 10 people.

With his friends and roommates – the orange tassels are all Engineering
We are a Gator family for sure! My nephew (long hair) is getting his PhD in Chemistry, my younger son is an Architecture major, and my other nephew is a Journalism major.

Favorite #2

Another favorite is this battery caddy. It holds 180 batteries and has a tester. Shay shared this the other day and I knew it would make a great gift for my husband. Under $20 and it will arrive in time for Christmas, score!

Favorite #3

I had no idea such a thing existed until I saw it on another blog. An electric candle lighter makes so much sense. It comes with a USB rechargeable cable and is perfect for lighting candles as well as a bbq grill. So handy and I love that I can stop buying those wand lighters!

If you are still looking for a few gifts, here are some ideas from Amazon. You’ll see a 5lb Gummy Bear that my younger son wanted (and I bought). Not my thing but it is his!

I want to announce that I have an Amazon Storefront now! You can shop all my Amazon finds there – I’d love for you to follow me there. I’ll be updating it often (daily is the goal) so you’ll find things that aren’t on the blog! Check it out here.

Favorite #4

New sneakers! It kills me to buy new sneakers. I wear them to the gym 3 days a week and if I walk outside. I should mention that my workouts are intense with lots of jumping and impact on my old joints. All the more reason to invest in good sneakers. Yet, I put it off. Since my plantars faciitis continues to be an issue, I googled the best sneakers for the condition. Turns out the brand I was wearing had a shoe that was recommended. So far so good, I can tell a difference when I’m working out.

Favorite #5

For the last few months I’ve been using Oil of Olay nightime moisturizer and it has become a favorite. My oily skin still needs moisture and this does the trick, I wake up to smooth, soft skin that looks dewy. Right now they have 25% off site wide and if you order by today 12/18 you’ll receive your order by 12/24! This set would make a perfect gift!

Favorite #6

Wrapping it up! Ha, pun totally intended! I’ve got my gifts all wrapped and under the tree. I shared (Instagram) how I make them look a little extra special with some cute touches from the Dollar Tree. I’m certainly no Martha Stewart but I love the way these packages turned out and figured if I can do it, you can to! Hopefully you’re inspired!

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