March Prime Purchases

It’s that time again where I share all the things that have made their way to my home via Amazon Prime. I am linking up with Tanya here – one of my favorite link ups, btw. I love seeing everyone’s purchases!

All things considered, March was a fairly light month for me as far as Prime purchases go. My husband and sons did more purchasing than I did (which is rather remarkable) but they always buy boring things! So to spare you all of that I’ll share what I bought.

I always forget to mention that one of the things I look forward to at the start of every month is my free Kindle download. As a Prime member you get to choose from a selection and I always love having a new book to read. I love my Prime membership and that’s just one of the benefits.

My first purchase was books for my niece’s 5th birthday. My sister had given me a list of titles she liked and I chose these two. This one about friends and this one about being kind. Children’s books are always a favorite of mine to give as gifts!

I am slowly updating my decor and am now ready for greenery. Since I cannot keep anything alive I opt for artificial. These little tree is the perfect size for my family room and I plopped it into a $5 Target basket – voila!

The only article of clothing I purchased this month was this dress. You know I am pleased with it since I shared how it can be worn as both a dress and a duster. I love the colors, the tie at the waist, the sleeves – yeah, pretty much everything about it!

Floral button up sun dress
Blue floral duster

I ordered these for my kitchen sink area. I like that they’re clear and made of glass.

We bought new beds for our sons’ rooms. After checking at the mattress store we checked Amazon and found the same bed at a much better price. We bought 2 of these bed in a box mattresses, two of the frames, and two of the mattress covers. Amazon saved us a bundle and we couldn’t be happier.

That’s it for my purchases, I can hardly believe how little I ordered last month. As the weather warms and swimsuit season is upon us I want to mention just how good some of the swimsuits are. I have this one in both black and blue and love it so much. I have my eye on a few others but haven’t made any purchases because I really don’t need more than what I have already. The cover up I bought last year is still in great shape so I honestly don’t need another one of those either.

In home decor I have my eye on a few things, namely this rug for my dining room. I’d also love to have this cement head planter and may end up getting it for Mother’s Day for myself! Don’t forget you can visit my Amazon storefront right here and check out lots of other goodies too.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you back here tomorrow!

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