Casual Yet Put Together with XCVI

Looking for something fresh and new for spring but made for real women living real lives with busy schedules? XCVI has you covered and with my code ThisBlonde20 you can save 20% off your entire purchase!XCVI hoodie and joggers

Hoodie || Joggers

My husband once said I was the fanciest casual person he knew. It’s not that I’m trying to be fancy, I dress in a way I am comfortable and if that looks fancy to someone than so be it. #youdoyou

I also feel like there’s a fine line between dressing casually and looking like you just rolled out of bed.  Like it or not we are judged by our appearance and how we dress ourselves says a lot about how we feel about ourselves. So today I want to show you how you can dress casually but still be put together.

XCVI hoodie and joggers

Hoodie || Joggers

It does seem like as a society we are getting more casual – I’m lookin at you athleisure trend! Maybe it’s because more and more of us work remotely. Whatever the reason is I am happy to partake in the more casual vibe. That being said I am thrilled to announce that I have become a Brand Ambassador for XCVI. XCVI designs clothes for real women with real lives and I am all over that!XCVI hoodie and joggers

Hoodie || Joggers

Dressing casually for me means grabbing pieces that look as good as they feel. I don’t want to be worried about fit or wear – (wrinkles, gaping, etc.).  Fabrics that work well in my warm climate are a bonus. Another bonus? If the outfit can be worn with sneakers or a sandal.  I like options.XCVI hoodie + joggers

Hoodie || Joggers

This hoodie and joggers checks all the boxes for me. I am in love with the fabric – soft cotton that doesn’t cling or wrinkle. Drawstring joggers with pockets at a length that looks great with a wedge sneaker, flat sneaker or sandal.XCVI hoodie + joggers

Hoodie || Joggers

Accessorizing is another way to add that final touch to a casual outfit. I think it’s what really brings a look together. Simple jewelry works well but even a statement piece will do the trick.

Here are a few tips to execute that casual yet put together look:

  • choose items you feel comfortable in that fit well
  • colors that you enjoy working will help you feel confident
  • be sure your clothing is in good repair; casual does not mean it’s okay to wear ripped, torn, stained, or wrinkled clothing
  • wear a little make up
  • accessorize! Casual doesn’t mean you have to leave the jewelry behind
  • feel free to wear something other than sneakers

XCVI has lots of fabulous pieces that would work well for every day as well as travel. That vacation you are taking that involves loads of sightseeing and tons of photos? With these pieces you’ll feel good and look good in those photos.

I know you are going to love XCVI as much as I do! Use my code ThisBlonde20 and you’ll get 20% off your entire purchase.  Take a look at some of the pieces that caught my eye – and you’ll love that there’s a plus size line as well!

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