5 Golden Tips for Your Holiday Looks

5 Golden Tips for Your Holiday Looks

With the holidays coming up, we all want some on-point outfits ready for the gatherings and parties. Rather than worry about what to wear the day of, spending some time pulling together your holiday outfits is well worth it so you can slip into your favorite look and jump right into the festivities in an outfit you know you love.

So to help pull together your holiday looks, here are 5 golden tips to keep in mind:

  1. Get the right accessories

The right accessories can pull together and elevate your holiday looks, making even a simple LBD transform into a holiday outfit. The number one accessory to always have is your handbag. For the holidays go for something chic and classic like these beautiful Italian tote bags from Mirta for example. This is also the time to bring out your favorite statement earrings, festive headbands, shoes and handbags. You can easily shop for sparkly and festive accessories right now as they are literally everywhere.  

  • Pick festive colors

Of course, black fashion pieces are a favorite and even considered to be a festive color. But try out another festive color this year and shake things up with a shade of red, green, white, silver, or gold for your holiday look too! If you don’t want to go for color in your main piece, you can incorporate color elsewhere in your outfit, such as with your handbag, your nails, your shoes, etc.

  • Velvet is very trendy right now

A popular, trendy and festive material is velvet. This year, there are plenty of velvet tops, dresses, blazers, trousers, and jumpsuits available to choose from to compliment your holiday look.

  • Don’t forget outerwear

You could have the perfect holiday outfit, but then go to reach for outerwear and feel like it just does not match up. Your outerwear is the first thing that people see, so you want to feel chic and confident in each layer of your holiday outfit. Depending on where you are going, some outerwear pieces to try with your festive looks are: an oversized blazer, a leather jacket, and a coat with a fur lining. Style according to whether the festivities will be held inside or outside, and of course the local temperature. If you want to add an extra stylish touch to your outwear, try a broach, belt, or festive scarf.

  • Try a bold and festive make-up look

A bold and festive make-up look really elevates your daily look and makes you feel even more festive. Try out a bold red or berry lip or apply a festive eye look that you love. Some ideas are a gold smoky eye, a glitter eyeliner, or a shimmery and glossy look.

If you aren’t used to applying bold make-up, be sure to try this out before the day of– you’ll be thankful you did!

Do you enjoy dressing up for the holidays?

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