Then and Now: Scarves

Happy Thursday, friends! Today marks the last day in our series. Jill and I have been sharing Then and Now posts each Thursday for the month of September. It’s been fun and you all seem… View Post

Then and Now: Jeans

Jill and I are back again this week with a topic we can all relate to I’m sure, jeans. I don’t know too many women – other than my mother- who don’t love a great… View Post

Cardigans Then and Now

You all seemed pretty excited about this series Jill and I are doing – we are too! If you missed last week’s kick off, we talked about updating white denim. Continuing on, let’s see how… View Post

Updating White Denim Outfits

It’s true that some things just never go out of style and even serve as the back bone of a great wardrobe. But even those staple pieces need an update every now and then. Sort… View Post

Affordable Fashion from Walmart for Fall

Oh friends, Walmart has my heart these days. It was just a few years back that they started grabbing my attention with Free Assembly. I didn’t care much for Scoop but that has changed as… View Post

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