Three No Fail Holiday Outfit Ideas

Today I have three no fail holiday outfits to share with you. As the days are flying by it’s crunch time so if you find yourself needing something to wear, I’ve got you covered! Three… View Post

Express Clothing for the Holidays

Over the last few years, Express women’s clothing has once again caught my attention. For about 10 years or so I barely gave the brand a second look. I’m not sure who changed me or… View Post

Affordable Dress for the Holidays

The holidays can be expensive in many ways – gifts to buy, special foods to make, dinners out, cards to send, the list goes on and on. If you’re a fashionista you’ll also need to… View Post

Holiday Dressing: The Green Jumpsuit

Today I am continuing with the Holiday Dressing theme by showcasing this beautiful green jumpsuit. The color is unexpected and I joked with my husband that it’s “Grinch Green” – ha!! But trust me – … Read more

What to Wear for Christmas Day

With Christmas Day less than 2 weeks away, let’s answer the question of what to wear. In fact, this week I will be sharing outfit ideas for the holidays on Wednesday as well. So fear … Read more

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