Outfit Ideas with Sneakers for Mature Women

The days of wearing sneakers for exercise or gym class are over! But let’s face it, mature women need to pay attention to details and styling to pull this off. There’s a fine line between choosing to wear sneakers and having to wear them. I hope by sharing outfit ideas with sneakers we can feel confident and not worry that someone will ask if we’ve recently had foot surgery!

In the early 90’s I remember my mother needing foot surgery because she had a Morton’s Neuroma. The surgery was horribly painful and she never really recovered. This was tragic for my mother because she has always been “dressed” – she never even owned sneakers. As a girl in school she refused to participate in gym class and because she had such good handwriting, the principal offered her a job in the office during that period. Ha! I should mention that my mother worked at that time and had to dress professionally. This meant that for months on end she was wearing beautiful dresses and sneakers. She was depressed.

As an adult working in elementary schools as a school counselor this was a familiar sight. as we age, our feet change and comfort is key. It’s a struggle and more often that not, sneakers were worn out of necessity, not as a fashion statement.

Times have changed and for that I am thankful. Maybe because of my past experiences I always think twice before throwing on a pair of sneakers if I’m not going to the gym or wearing something athletic. Do this look intentional? Stylish? Or do I look like I am suffering from plantars fasciitis (which I do have btw). If life experience has taught me anything it’s that I am not the one who thinks this way.

Outfit Ideas with Sneakers for Mature Women

Select Sneakers in a Neutral Colorway

When you shop for sneakers, select a neutral colorway. This will create a cohesive look and keep the sneakers from standing out. My goal is to have a great outfit without just one item stealing the attention. There are so many options available at different price points. Find the one that is right for both your budget and your wardrobe.

Different Styles of Sneakers

Now here’s the thing – this is not just one sneaker does all. I thought that might be the case initially – but I am seeing that different styles work better in different outfits. For purposes of this post I’ll try to discuss a few favorites. There’s the retro style, the court style shoe, and a platform sneaker. Converse high tops are all the rage as well but they don’t offer as much support so for mature women they may not be the best option.

Cute Outfit Ideas with Sneakers

This is the fun part! By adding sneakers you instantly give your outfit an edge. Pair them with something a little unexpected – and perhaps out of your comfort zone (at first). With time this will come more naturally to you just like anything new that you want to repeat. I think the key is to look intentional and not out of necessity in your styling.

Sneakers with Jeans

This might be the easiest to pull off. I’m not talking about sneakers and jeans like you’ve worn in the past – to a sporting event. Instead try wearing your jeans with a tee and a blazer – definitely an elevated but chic look!

Blazer + Denim + Sneakers
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Another way to wear jeans and sneakers – with a shacket!

Sneakers with Trousers

I am loving this cool vibe and I am seeing it everywhere! Grab a pair of trousers you currently own and throw them on with a pair of sneakers – does it work? The trousers should be long enough – no crops – and slightly puddle.

Target satin trousers + Sneakers
January, 2022

Sneakers with Skirts and Dresses

Black Sundress + Sneakers

Sneakers with skirts and dresses can instantly feel cool if you aren’t wearing your Sunday best dress! Wear your sneakers with skirts and dresses that have more of a casual vibe. You can certainly start with a satin or silk skirt but add a denim or military style jacket and sneakers – you have successfully pulled off that street style vibe! This is one of my favorite outfit ideas with sneakers because it’s so easy to pull off.

Here’s a look at how I recently styled these affordable sneakers with this dress from Old Navy.

Ribbed Knit Dress + Sneakers
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The Best Sneakers for Mature Women

The best sneakers are the ones that are comfortable and supportive on your feet! Sure there are many options available and I am committed to only wearing shoes that don’t hurt – those days are over. When I was much younger I would suffer for the sake of fashion and looking good but I am too old to pull that off now and I know better!

Sneakers + Bike Shorts

This doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. I have found great options at Target and Walmart has a really attractive neutral retro sneaker too. As comfortable as Golden Goose sneakers are, I have found my P448 sneakers to be just as comfortable and much more reasonably priced. It’s honestly up to you, your lifestyle and your budget. But the bottom line is that mature women can wear sneakers and look fabulous not frumpy!


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Outfit Ideas with sneakers for mature women
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