What to Pack for a Week at the Beach

What to Pack for a Week at the Beach

Having just returned from our beach vacation, I am feeling pretty confident that I packed the essentials and didn’t miss a thing – finally! Honestly, living in FL day trips to the beach are no big deal but any overnight trip – let alone a whole week – is very different. Sharing what worked for me will hopefully help you decide what to pack for a week at the beach.

New Smryna Beach, FL

Packing Considerations

The first consideration is how you’re getting there. Are you traveling by car or plane? Traveling by car certainly has its advantages, you can pack what you want! However, I think it’s easy to get overwhelmed by too much so I tried to streamline my packing. I packed one suitcase – my carry on and used my packing cubes. I had more than enough and actually ended up not wearing everything I brought.

Your itinerary is another consideration. I knew we’d be going out to lunch once, dinner once, and we’d do some shopping. The rest of the time would be spent at the beach and pool. These events informed my packing considerations – I brought only a few dressier pieces and kept the rest very casual.

What to Pack

I found that bringing 3 swimsuits worked for me. I don’t mind wearing a swimsuit twice, my sister on the other hand had a different one for each day. This is a matter of personal preference. These two pieces from Target proved to be great! I like the two pieces better than a standard cover up, although I did use this dress one day over my swimsuit.

My kaftan from H&M was my outfit of choice for our day out. In fact I wore it all day – shopping, out to lunch, and then out to dinner that night! Something lightweight and loose fitting is perfect for a beach vacation. Along with the kaftan I packed a few lightweight sundresses and 3 pair of shorts. My denim pair, my pull on blue shorts, and I wore my black bike shorts. I packed a few more tops and my wide leg linen pants. I did not end up wearing those.

Lunch and shopping with the ladies!
Action shot, dancing with my boy after dinner!

As far as shoes are concerned, flip flops or other water shoes top the list. My favorite flip flops can be worn with almost anything and they are comfortable. I wore this pair of slides and brought my clear heeled sandals – they were the pair I wore for our day out. Check out the shoes I brought below.


I enjoy wearing accessories like earrings with my swimsuit. However, I kept them very minimal and only brought two pairs of earrings, two necklaces, and a few bracelets. I did not wear them all but it was nice to have some choices.

Sun Protection

Amazon swimsuit and hat

My hat was a must! I purchased this one last month and chose it because it is adjustable. While everyone’s hats were blowing off mine stayed on my head securely. By the end of the week I was wearing my cover up anytime I wasn’t in the pool. I found a tee shirt with UPF50 at a beach shop and bought it. Not only could I wear it in the water but I can wear it when I go for walks at home. I slathered on the sunscreen every day before going out and reapplied often. This is the sunscreen I apply before my make up each day.

swim shirt with UPF 50

Final Thoughts

Thinking back, there’s not much I’d change. I had what I needed and didn’t feel deprived. Each day I had what I needed and wanted to wear – that is key for me. The experience made me think I could probably try a capsule wardrobe in my daily life and actually enjoy it!

I had ordered this black sundress with hopes of wearing it on vacation but it did not arrive in time. It would have been a nice addition and will come on the next trip for sure!

Time away is always nice, there’s nothing better than relaxing, unplugging, and spending time with those you love. Stressing out about what to pack and what to wear don’t need to be part of your time away!


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