Knit Midi Dress 3 Ways

Feelin’ all the Fall vibes today with this knit midi dress! I used to think of a dress as being something “dressed” up and not at all casual. But times have changed and thank goodness so has my thinking. When I saw this dress I immediately thought it was such a versatile piece and three ways to wear it immediately popped into my mind!

Old Navy Knit Midi Dress 3 ways

Knit Midi Dress 3 Ways

This knit midi dress is from Old Navy, gosh they do these so well! Such a basic yet classic design that will never go out of style. It’s henley style, with buttons and long sleeves. Of course we all know long sleeves are for pushing up – a detail that adds so much style. I am wearing it in a medium and let me just tell you, this dress, she is not keeping any secrets. She hugs the body! I found wearing this helped tremendously. it’s lightweight and so smoothing.

Knit Midi Dress with Sock Boots

Simple and easy is always a great place to start. Grab sock booties or whatever booties you own and voila! The dress is styled perfectly. This particular dress comes in oatmeal heather or grey heather – both so neutral that any color boots/booties will work. I am wearing my off white sock boots from Target (first mentioned here).

Old Navy Knit Midi Dress + Coach Purse + Target Off White Sock Booties
Dress || Boots || Necklace || Earrings || Bag

Add a Layer

Wearing a layer underneath adds interest to knit midi dress. I love the look of the lace on this Half Tee with the henley style of the dress. The juxtaposition of the more masculine henley and the feminine lace is a favorite combo. Because this dress is body hugging, a layer like a Half Tee is the way to go because it literally adds no extra bulk. If you haven’t tried these miracle workers yet, I have a code for you that will give you a sweet little discount. Use my code KELLYANN20 to save 20% off your first order.

Old Navy Knit Midi Dress + Half Tee + Target Off White Sock Booties
Dress || Boots || Necklace || Earrings

With a Sneaker

You know how I said my old way of thinking was that a dress was, well dressy? My old self – maybe 15 years ago? – would have NEVER worn a sneaker with a dress. It’s how I saw either the little girls at school dress for PE days when they just had to wear a dress OR the older teachers who had foot problems. They’d wear their Sunday best with sneakers and no one thought anything of it because hey, the lady was in pain. Needless to say I was not raised that way and if ever I had to wear a sneaker the rest of the outfit was sporty and casual as well.

Old Navy Knit Midi Dress + Target Retro Sneakers
Dress || Sneakers || Earrings || Necklace

But it’s a new era and things have changed. Thank goodness my mindset has as well and I have embraced sneakers with dresses and actually bought this pair thinking how awesome they’d look with this particular dress. How perfect would this be on a trip while you’re sightseeing this Fall?


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Wrap up

I feel as though I have just scratched the surface when it comes to styling a knit midi dress. Even as I write this I think of other ideas: tying a flannel around the waist, wearing it with combat boots, tall boots, heels. There are just so many ways to wear it! What are your thoughts? Team knit midi dress or not?

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