Amazon Prime Wardrobe – What to Know and How to Shop

Amazon Prime Wardrobe – What to Know and How to Shop

It’s been awhile since I’ve shopped Prime Wardrobe and I had almost forgotten how useful it could be. Especially as we head into a new season with trends to try and gaps in our wardrobes – a service such as this one can be very useful. Based on my experiences, I bring you Amazon Prime Wardrobe – what to know and how to shop!

What is Prime Wardrobe?

Prime members of Amazon have the ability to choose and try eligible items without paying for them first. You’ll get 7 days to decide and you can try up to 6 items at a time. My last Prime Wardrobe order was in 2019.

Pros & Cons of Prime Wardrobe

There are so many pros of Prime Wardrobe and in my opinion, very few cons. Amazon has a large inventory of items to choose from – bras, accessories, shoes, clothing for everyone in the family. Being able to select multiple sizes is a benefit and who doesn’t love trying something in the comfort of their own home? Having 7 days to decide is more than enough and allows you to play around in your close to be certain what you’ve chosen will meet your needs. Since you are not charged up front, this can be extremely helpful too – no waiting for a refund to be issued and less hassle.

As with all things, there are a few cons. First and foremost the 2 day shipping we have come to love and expect is not a part of Prime Wardrobe. It takes a bit longer but not by much. While shipping and returns are free, you need to remember that you have 7 days to make your decision or you’ll be charged for all of the items. The last time I tried Prime Wardrobe, returns had to be made at a UPS store, however, now they can be made anywhere you typically return your Amazon orders. Probably the biggest complaint I have is that when you find an item to try not all colors and sizes are included in Prime Wardrobe. So you’ll need to know how to shop.

How to Shop

To shop Prime Wardrobe exclusively, I log into Amazon and and type in Prime Wardrobe women’s clothing. From there I will use the filters to further narrow my search. Amazon can be very overwhelming unless you are fairly specific. For example, I wanted to search for blazers. Here’s what I found:

Prime Wardrobe - how to shop
Pull up an item and then toggle the “prime try before you buy”
Prime Wardrobe - how to shop
Select the Prime Try Before You Buy option (not selected in photo btw)
Prime Wardrobe how to shop

Once I select Try Before You Buy, my options are limited. The black blazer is part of the program while the praline is not. You have to pay close attention!

Recent Prime Wardrobe Order

As I continue to clean my wardrobe out and only keep things that suit my style I am recognizing a few gaps here and there. I am keen on practicing the 80/20 rule – 80% staple pieces, 20% trendy. I’ve come to appreciate the black lug sole loafers worn with denim and blazers so I turned to Prime Wardrobe. I ordered two pairs of loafers, one pair of white sneakers, and a pair of Calvin Klein off white denim.

Earlier this year, I swore off buying anymore fashion sneakers. Well, I should have known better. I determined that I did in fact ‘need’ a pair of sneakers with a thicker sole – not quite platform but almost. I picked up a pair at TJMaxx for $24.99 but the pair of Puma’s I ordered from Amazon are much better. Another thing I’ve learned is that cheaper isn’t always better. I’ll wear the Puma’s more because they look better and they are more comfortable so my cost per wear will make them worth the $59.99. I am returning the TJ Maxx pair and keeping these.

I decided to try the Franco Sarto loafers I’ve seen on a gazillion women. They are beautiful and comfortable. I love the look. They run TTS and are $78.32. To compare, I tried the Trevys loafer from Tommy Hilfiger for $63.63, which also runs TTS. The Franco Sarto is the winner in my book, they have the look I am going for but ultimately I decided to return both. In full transparency, I had forgotten that Vionics has a pair I liked for fall and since I am working with them, that’s the brand I’ll stick with.

This pair of Calvin Klein Super Hi Rise Side Split Denim in Ecru were $59.90 and felt so good on. These are a great option if you are not one to wear white after Labor Day. I felt like they were just a bit too stretchy and I needed to size down in these so back they went. I may re-order these in the future in a size 4, I ordered a size 6.

Calvin Klein Flare Leg Ecru Denim + White Blouse + Schutz Clear Sandals
Top || Denim || Shoes

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed ordering from Prime Wardrobe this time around. This is a great way to try a new trend or compare options across brands all while ordering from one retailer. Have you tried Prime Wardrobe? If not, are you ready to give it a go?

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