Hello Monday, Goodbye March!

The last Monday of March and also my younger son’s 23 birthday! Today he is in NYC with my husband visiting Columbia. Like I mentioned here, he is trying to decide on graduate school. It’s open house day and I hoping he gets answers and information to help with his decision making. I’m joining Holly and Sarah for the Hello Monday link up.

Any Hello Monday post has to start with what happened over the weekend, right? So let’s get to it.


Friday, March 24th started like most Fridays. Up early to get my workout in. I am grateful I have a friend willing to be as crazy as I am and start super early – before 5am. It’s nice to start the day this way! I was off on Friday which was nice. I attend a mom’s group at my church (obviously for moms of all aged children since mine are adults) and we take turns hosting breakfast. It was my group’s turn. We met at church on Thursday to decorate and early Friday morning to set out breakfast. Then we had to clean up, so it was nice to take the day off and not have to rush to get back to work.

I ran a few errands and then came home to do some blog work. My husband, older son, and I went to dinner at a Thai restaurant and then had dessert at a new to us dessert only place. It’s called White Rabbit and it’s described as a ‘dessert experience’ – everything looked so good! I had this crazy dessert crepe called The Berry Awakens. You can’t tell from the photo but there is huge mound of raspberry ice cream under the crepe. It was so good!

After the gluttony concluded we returned home and I promptly fell asleep watching tv. #sugarcrash


My Saturday morning started much like every Saturday morning, with my walk. I walked about an hour and then had to head home to get ready for my precious little niece’s 7th birthday party.

While it was a pool party, I did not go in the pool. I should mention it was about 90 degrees and her friends could not get out of the pool – they had a blast! This is what I wore:

After the party I had a little time to kill – which basically means I watched tv – before we headed out to a concert. My husband and I met our best friends for dinner and then a Chicago tribute band concert. We had a great time as always! We enjoy these kinds of concerts because they’re cost effective, in smaller venues, and the music is great! The original bands that we love are getting too old to hit the high notes and we end up a bit disappointed. Tribute bands are so excited, energetic, and the passion they have for their craft is incredible! I made a few changes and this is what I wore to the concert:

These shorts are from Kohl’s and a great dupe for the higher priced version from Chico’s. My blouse is on sale from Express. It looks great with denim, or black pants too.


Sunday always comes to soon. I dropped my husband and son off at the airport then headed to church. I went to the later service and enjoyed it! The college pastor leads the service and he is so engaging! Afterwards I went to the Walmart grocery store and then headed home. I made a yummy salad for lunch with left over salmon, salad toppers, and this dressing (the blasamic flavor).

The rest of the afternoon consisted of watching The Boston Strangler on Hulu and then I See You on Netflix while I typed this post. Both were soooooo good! Do you remember Helen Hunt? She was in I See You and I had not seen her in forever!

I got my walk in much later in the day, took a bath and made dinner! That’s a wrap!

How was your weekend? Ready for the week ahead? I hope so because it is here!

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