Weekend Wrap Up – Ivy League, St. Patrick’s Day, and Steel Magnolias

Another weekend has come and gone and I’m linking up with Sarah & Holly to share the details. Although I don’t do this every week, it is nice to do it once a month or so to chronicle events. Here’s hoping you don’t find this much of a snooze fest and humor me by reading along!

Weekend Wrap Up – Ivy League

I’m kicking things off with Thursday night at dinner when I asked my younger son if he’d heard anything about the grad school applications he submitted. Quick backstory – he graduated last May from UF with a degree in design & planning, UF awards an Architecture degree through their master’s program. Attending UF for grad school was always the plan, until it wasn’t. Unbeknownst to us, our son’s professors told him to dream bigger and apply at the country’s top schools. So he did. His top choice was Columbia but he also applied to Harvard and Yale as well as UF. Long story short, he did not get into Yale or Harvard but he did get accepted by Columbia!

We are very proud of him to say the least. It will be a tough decision for him to make because that Ivy League degree comes with quite the price tag! The program is also 3 years instead of 2 like it would be at UF. I know he will ultimately make the very best decision for him – and I am praying for him as I always do. Next week he and my husband will head up to NYC for an open house so he can get a feel for the school.

St. Patrick’s Day

Friday came in a blink, probably because I was up at the crack of dawn – actually way before that. I am an early riser but Friday I got up even earlier and decided to head to the gym. I walked on the treadmill for 40 minutes then met my friend and walked another 70 minutes. Spoiler alert by the end of the day I had logged over 20k steps!

Here’s what I wore during the day and then to host dinner. I didn’t want to chance spilling something on my light colored pants so I changed.

I worked, met a few friends for lunch at Chipotle, and then hosted St. Patrick’s Day dinner. It was a beautiful night and we had a great time! We did miss our older son – he and his girlfriend were at a wedding in Philadelphia.

They sent me this photo, they’re just precious!!!

Steel Magnolias

On Saturday I had plans to go with a few sorority sisters to see Steel Magnolias at the Cocoa Village Playhouse. There’s nothing like getting together with old friends – I have known these ladies for 35 years. My Kappa Delta little sister actually lives near me but we hardly to get to see one another so it was extra special to spend the day together!

Saturday night we ordered a pizza and called it a day! My husband’s allergies were acting up – the pollen and all the time we’ve spent outside lately had taken a toll on him. A little Nyquil and a good night’s sleep seemed to help.

Sunday and a 7th Corned Beef

Sunday morning was cold – such a surprise – I was dressed and ready for church and had to run in and add a jacket and boots. Had I known it was going to be that cold I would have dressed differently but with not much time, I made it work! AKA: How to Winterize a Summer Dress – ha!

If you love my Teddy Blake bag, you can use my code TBKELLYANN30 for $30 off your own!

After church we did a quick Walmart run and then I came home and walked. Our son and his girlfriend were flying home Sunday evening and I decided to make a 7th corned beef for dinner. One of my friends had mentioned a recipe I had to try and yes, I made 6 corned beefs during the week for Friday night. I made two a day in my 2 crock pots each day for 3 days to take the pressure off of Friday. I love hosting and to make things run more smoothly I do as much as possible ahead of time.

That’s a wrap! I closed out the weekend with a full heart. Lots of fun with the family and my friends on Saturday. I hope you had a great weekend too – any highlights?

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