New & Noteworthy – Hello March!

Well, hello March! Here’s hoping this month finds you in a good place emotionally, spiritually, physically, all the things! I’m using this Friday’s edition of New & Noteworthy to check in with you on a few things and share what I’ve been up to as well.

new & noteworthy

New & Noteworthy – Hello March!

If you set some goals for yourself this year, how are they going? At this point it’s time to reassess, re-evaluate and make any necessary modifications. It is NOT time to give up. I do not believe in giving up on a goal, let’s get into it. When you set a goal – a realistic goal – it is something of value to you. You imagined your life being better because of it; it was important to you. By this time, if you are not seeing the progress you had hoped for you may be ready to throw in the towel. But don’t. Make changes, alter your course, reach out for help but keep going. You are worth it!

Noteworthy – Monthly Goals

There is something about a new month, a new slate that is inspiring and gives me hope, how about you? As part of Lent this year, I have given up alcohol. So my first goal is to stick with it and enjoy the better health I’ll have as a result. I do not drink in excess (in my opinion) but even weekend drinking seems to affect my sleep which in turn alters my mood. I believe in taking care of what God has given me, this body, and I’m using this time of Lent to listen more closely to what God’s plans are for me.

Another goal? Posting EVERY DAY on Instagram. Whether it’s a static post or a reel, I’m committed. Last years goal of getting to 10k did not happen but it will this year. I’m so close I can taste it but I have to do the work to reap the benefit. Not following me yet? Follow me here, and while you’re at it, invite 50 of your closest friends to do the same. Ha!

My birthday is coming up in June and I need to make some plans. I am not one to celebrate big and I’ve never had a party as an adult. This year, as I turn 55, I want to do something special. We are kicking around a few ideas so I will keep you posted!

I’ve done a few things that I normally would not do in order to benefit my quality of life. Yes, that sounds dramatic, I own it. No excuses. I hired a cleaning service to come to my home to do a monthly deep clean. I can hardly wait for them to start next week. I also bought a car wash membership. I still cannot believe I actually caved and bought it but I do love having the outside of my car as clean as the inside. In case you don’t know, I am a fanatic about a tidy car.

New – What I Have Purchased Recently

Last year was all about Closet Confessions but this year I’m not really that interested in detailing every little purchase. I have not done a lot of buying so I feel like the lessons I learned last year are paying off. But I am someone who loves clothes and I enjoy new things – I will NEVER apologize to anyone for that. My money, my rules, my business! I did buy two new tops recently that I love and want to share. You’ll see them on upcoming posts but in the meantime, here they are!

This green and white striped rugby shirt from Loft went on sale – I had been waiting for it – and I had a reward. It cost next to nothing and it is a great top! It’s made well and I love the puff shoulder detail, give the masculine rugby style a touch of femininity!

Can one ever have enough white tops? No. The answer is no. Anyway, this poplin cutie came home with me when my friend Jona and I went shopping. Poplin is my favorite kind of cotton. It’s sturdier, wears and washes better and doesn’t wrinkle as much.

What’s On My Radar

There are a few things on my wish list right now. I cannot get enough of the color green. Hoping to get a green bag – not looking to invest a lot but it must be just the right color. I am eyeing this one, this one, and this one.

You know how I love poplin? Well, the minute this dress goes on sale, it will be in my cart so fast I may end up with whiplash. I am also eyeing this caftan swim cover up – it looks so chic!

This pair of denim has been on my mind for some time now. I am crazy about a flare leg and I love the darker color inset. i haven’t tried them on yet but they are on my radar for sure and may make their way into my closet!

That wraps up this week’s edition. Thank you so very much for being here, I honestly appreciate it. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, that you rest. you laugh, you feel joy! Until next time…


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