Flattering Tops to Hide a Tummy

Let’s talk tummies, shall we? I’ve always had an issue with mine, even at my thinnest. Bodies come in all sizes and shapes and while there is little we can do about how we are designed, we can select clothing to make the most of it. I’ve learned over the years that paying attention to some simple details makes such a difference. Today I’ve got a round up of tops to hide a tummy.

Flattering Tops to Hide a Tummy

I firmly believe that every woman can and should look good in the clothes she wears. Feeling good about ourselves is first and foremost and completely influences how we dress and present ourselves to the world. There may be a body part you don’t love or one you don’t wish to flaunt; if that part is your tummy then today you’re in luck!

It all Starts with a Good Foundation

Before we get into anything else, let’s start with a good bra! It would be impossible to talk about tops and not discuss this first. It is recommended that we get a professional bra fitting yearly or anytime you have had a weight change. Check out my post about my most recent fitting.

Draw the Attention Up

Remember that old rhyme, “accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative?” That’s what drawing the attention up means. This can be easily achieved by choosing the right neckline. A v-neck or scoop neck helps to draw the attention wear it belongs, on your beautiful decollate and face.

Choose Fabric Wisely

Thin, clingy fabrics are rarely flattering. On anyone. This doesn’t mean sweatshirts and sweaters – just select fabrics that hold their shape, or possibly have some spandex in them. Loose fitting linen won’t cling and can be very comfortable. Since linen does wrinkle, try a linen blend if it bothers you. Poplin is a great option if you’re looking at cotton.

As far as color goes, I don’t believe that matters when it comes to concealing a tummy. I do think selecting a color that you like makes a difference. If you aren’t sure which colors look best on you, you can have them done professionally.

Patterns can also play a role. A smaller print will make things appear smaller while larger prints make things appear larger. Vertical stripes can make us appear longer and leaner so when in doubt – go with a thinner, vertical stripe.

Fit and Cut to Hide a Tummy

Sometimes we make the mistake of thinking the only way to conceal something is to wear something so large and oversized we get lost in it. I think there is a better way! How about we choose the right size – not our dream size (the one we wish we wore) but the one that actually fits right now. If you don’t know what that means, ask for help. I struggle with this too. Trying to fit a larger chest and hide a tummy can be challenging.

Take a look at this example with an oversized button down. Leaving it untucked looks like I’m hiding.

Flattering Tops to Hide a Tummy

Tuck in your shirt, roll up your sleeves. See the difference?

Flattering Tops to Hide a Tummy

Another consideration is the detail at the shoulder area of a top. A puff shoulder or ruffle can help balance the shoulder and midsection to give the overall appearance of an hour glass shape. You can also add a shoulder pad to achieve the same effect.

Tops that Hide a Tummy

Flattering Tops to Hide a Tummy

The best tops to hide a tummy are wrap tops, asymmetrical tops, tops with ruching, and peplum tops.

Wrap tops give the illusion of having that hour glass figure and they typically tie under the breasts.

An asymmetrical top is also flattering and can actually make you appear a bit taller. But again, the asymmetrical hemline draws attention away from the tummy area.

Tops with ruching are instantly slimming and bring the attention the breast area rather than the tummy. Ruching is the gathering of fabric and is different than smocking.

Flattering Tops to Hide a Tummy

Peplum tops, are yet another great option. Just be careful that the length of the peplum is right. It shouldn’t be too short nor too long. The peplum (or ruffle) should fall a few inches below the hip bone.

Consider the length of the top too. It should fall at your bottom hip bone- not above. If the top hits above that area it calls attention to your tummy rather than away from it.

Banana Republic Factory has some fabulous styles that would work very well to help you feel confident, comfortable, and stylish while not highlighting your midsection. Check them out!

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and found it helpful. Thanks so much for stopping by today. I appreciate you being here so very much!


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Flattering tops to Hide a Tummy

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