Dressing for My Casual Lifestyle

Welcome to my first fashion post of 2024! I’d like to start by saying THANK YOU for your comments on my Monday post. I appreciate your support and kindness it really means so much. But let’s get to it, m’kay? Today I am sharing how I’m dressing for my casual lifestyle and not a moment too late. It’s been 6 years since I started working virtually and that has certainly impacted my daily style.

dressing for my casual lifestyle

Dressing for My Casual Lifestyle

My heart says dress pants, heels, jackets/blazers, dresses but my every day activities indicate this is not practical nor a good fit with my current lifestyle. It’s left me frustrated to a point. I’ve also realized I’ve made some mistakes along the way when it comes to spending. I’m guilty of not spending the majority of my money on clothes I wear the majority of the time! You know what else I’ve done? I bought inexpensive or cheap items for my casual wardrobe – BIG MISTAKE. I didn’t enjoy wearing them.

How I’m Dressing and Striking the Right Balance

There was a time when I thought casual meant leggings and a t-shirt. That is totally not my vibe and not how I dress to feel my best. Listen, I get dressed every day to feel like the best version of myself. I don’t do it for acceptance or because I am insecure; I don’t do it because I have to it’s a WANT TO.

I’m striking the balance by choosing casual pieces that are well made and have interesting details. It might be the collar on my sweatshirt or the ultra soft fabric on my leggings and hoodie but THAT’S the difference for me. It’s elevated casual!

dressing for my casual lifestyle

Johnny collar sweatshirt + cargo joggers
Sweatshirt || Cargo Joggers || Sneakers || Bracelets || Earrings || Necklace
dressing for my casual lifestyle

activewear + sneakers + puffer vest
Leggings || 1/4 Zip Pull Over || Vest || Sneakers

Wearing sneakers with my blazer outfit or faux leather pants is another way I’m elevating my casual outfits to suit my style personality. A few years back I would have never thought of going to the mall in sneakers – I KNOW – but just last Saturday I did. You know what happened? I walked into Banana Republic and the sales associate immediately complimented my outfit and told me I looked “very Banana” – talk about a sign that I’m on to something here!

My very Banana outfit is below, I was not wearing the vest in the mall btw! This sweatshirt is a good one and worth the price. It is embroidered and such good quality, I think that makes a difference! I am wearing it in a small.

dressing for my casual lifestyle

puffer vest || Sweatshirt || Denim
Sweatshirt || White Button Up || Vest || Sneakers || Earrings || Bracelets

I wore the outfit below to dinner with a friend. Trust me when I tell you that I would have NEVER believed it if you told me I’d be wearing sneakers out to dinner!

dressing for my casual lifestyle

Blazer + Faux Leather + Sneakers
Blazer || Button Up || Faux Leather Pants || Sneakers || Bracelets || Earrings || Necklace

Paying Attention to the Details

No matter what you’re wearing I think paying attention to the details is crucial. Things like taking care of your skin and hair matter! Whether you decide to wear make up or not is up to you. I always feel better when I wear some and if it’s a no wash hair day you better believe I have dry shampoo in my hair. No greasy looking hair for me! I also like a baseball cap for those days. On top of that, it’s very rare to find me not wearing accessories, it’s who I am! I believe these details have helped me make the leap and feel genuinely comfortable in my day to day, casual style!

How about you? Are you dressing for your current lifestyle? Is your wardrobe made up of the clothes that are a good fit with it or not? I am allowing myself to invest in better casual pieces since they are the ones I will be wearing the majority of the time. I’d LOVE to know your thoughts!


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