Halter Top Over 50

Welcome to Thursday Fashion Files! I certainly wasn’t looking to add a halter top to my closet this year but then this one caught my eye and you know how the story goes… Today check… View Post

Cropped Tank Over 50?

Do words ever scare you off? If so, I bet the word ‘cropped’ might just be on the list of offenders. It does evoke a certain image in many of our minds. However, I’m hoping… View Post

Leather Handbag for Spring

I know when you think of spring you think of materials like straw and rattan and not necessarily of leather. It can seem too heavy perhaps? I’m hoping to change your mind today as I… View Post

Dressing for My Casual Lifestyle

Welcome to my first fashion post of 2024! I’d like to start by saying THANK YOU for your comments on my Monday post. I appreciate your support and kindness it really means so much. But… View Post

Styling a Coatigan

Listen…I admit it. I am late to this party. Was it last year or the year before that the coatigan became a thing? Well, like most things it wore on me. The more I see… View Post

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