Then and Now: Scarves

Happy Thursday, friends! Today marks the last day in our series. Jill and I have been sharing Then and Now posts each Thursday for the month of September. It’s been fun and you all seem to have enjoyed strolling down memory lane (or should it be called the memory catwalk?). Anyhow…today we wrap things up with a look at scarves.

Then and Now: Scarves

I have always thought scarves were fashionable and admired women who wore them. Maybe it was Mary Tyler Moore who impressed me with her fashion sense, I’m not certain. I do know that I started wearing them in college.

Then I seemed to take a break from scarves. A few years ago, thanks to Pinterest, my love of scarves was reignited. I was determined to make them work for me. I even tried the blanket scarf – which frankly I never quite understood. I remember hearing that since it was so large, it should be cut in half and then worn. So why buy such a big scarf to begin with? Anyway…

The infinity scarf was by far my favorite because it was the easiest to style. So simple yet such an impact.

The one type of scarf that I have never quite figured out how to wear is the smaller, silk scarf. On everyone else they look so chic. On me? I look like an estranged flight attendant from the 1970’s.

How to Wear a Scarf Stylishly Now

Now, thanks to countless, helpful reels on Instagram there are tutorials on how to wear a scarf stylishly! I have so many of them saved because I am on a mission to conquer my inability. I’ve even ordered two beautiful, mulberry silk scarves. Amy mentioned these and I have since ordered two. They are made of mulberry silk and come in lots of prints and colors. So far I haven’t gotten too creative with them but I do like them in place of a necklace.

Scarves add a little extra color, texture, and style. A scarf tied around the neck certainly elevates a simple outfit.

So far, I have found the best way for me to wear a scarf is to knot it in the center and then tie it around my neck. This keeps the tails from being too long.

Tying a scarf on your handbag is another great option. Again, it adds a little extra pizzazz to your overall look.

I have heard that larger scarves are on trend for Winter, I won’t be buying any. I still own a really beautiful infinity scarf that I’ll wear if it ever gets cold enough. Supposedly infinity scarves are out of style, but I love the one I own so I’ll wear it anyway. How about you, do you wear scarves? Any tips for updating how to style them?

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