Weekend Wrap Up

As usual the weekend went by too quickly for my personal taste but we sure made the best of it! Here’s a little weekend wrap up to document all the things we did on this second weekend of my husband’s recovery from surgery. He has surprised me with how well he is doing and his willingness to get out and do things despite having had major surgery and still having a catheter. Good news? Today at 11:10 we have our post op appointment so hopefully he will be catheter free soon!

Weekend Wrap Up

I always consider Thursday a nice lead in to a weekend and this past Thursday I went to Bunco! My ladies group at church started a Bunco group and I missed the 1st one in May. I really love these ladies and it’s nice to spend time with them in any capacity. Add food and drinks? It’s even better! My sister gave me this dress for my birthday and it’s what I wore!

Friday I worked but managed to slip away during the day to visit the Kendra Scott store and select my half off birthday piece. I selected the necklace below, I think it’s unique! If you have not joined their Insider program, do it! Now you can select a piece online if you don’t have a store near you.

I returned home, finished working for the day and then we got take out for dinner. We love a a place called Burger U on UCF’s campus – they honestly make the best burgers! Brought those home, ate and then my husband and I played Farkle and Phase 10 on the back porch. It’s hot and humid so we had the ceiling fans on but it was nice to be outside. Then we watched an episode of Dark Matter followed by an episode of Presumed Innocent before going to bed at 10.

Saturday I woke around 6 am – ugh, how I wish I could sleep later. Anyway, I took advantage of it and got my walk in early before the heat and humidity kicked in.

Afterwards we went to an event called Vintage Palooza in Lake County (about an hour from our house). This was my husband’s idea – he has a side hustle buying and selling old toys, etc. Since it was Father’s Day weekend I was happy to oblige. On the way home we stopped by Loft and I picked up the shorts I ordered online.

The rest of the day we stayed in. I watched TV, responded to blog comments, did laundry, spent a little time on IG, and then booked flights to NJ for a wedding in August. While we’re up there we will also go visit our son in Philly. I am excited about the trip!!

We ate leftovers for dinner and then our younger son and my husband watched a Godzilla movie. I read on my Kindle app (on my phone). Honestly I never use my actual Kindle anymore, my phone is handier. Let me also say that I prefer an actual book but in a pinch my free Prime book each month works too. I’m almost finished with the book I started well over a month ago – clearly it’s not a great read but I’m no quitter. Ha!!

Sunday I was up early again. My husband and I went for a short walk and then I made him breakfast before heading out again. I got my longer walk in while listening to the podcast Proof. Listening to true crime podcasts makes my walks so much more enjoyable!

What I wore to get my pedicure!

In the afternoon my husband and son went to see the Planet of the Apes movie while I did some shopping and got a pedicure. Have you tried these linen joggers yet? I decided to wear them to my pedicure since I needed to wear my flip flops (old from Vionic) with myy red Agnes top from Avara. After the movie was over we picked up some steaks from Walmart and made dinner at home.

That’s a wrap on our weekend. I know my husband is anxious to get his appointment over with today and I’m sure he will feel so much more comfortable afterwards. What a journey this has been!

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