Sunday Showcase: How to Wear White Boots

Here’s hoping your first weekend of 2019 has been a good one so far. It’s time for our first Sunday Showcase of the year, I hope you will link up with us!

We decided to do our own thing this month – I call it freestyle, ya know? This seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to share a recent purchase of mine, my new white boots! When they first hit the fashion scene I wasn’t sure this was a trend I’d embrace. They reminded me of the white boots I wore when I was in flag corps in junior high and high school.

drill team

Remember those days?

Anyhow, I eventually became obsessed with owning a pair. I kissed a couple of toads before finding my prince! Either the heels were too high, the toe bed not cushioned enough, or the toe was too pointy in my price range. When it comes to trends I am not at all willing to pay top dollar. I found a pair online at Target in December, crossed my fingers, and just like that I became the proud owner of white boots! These were worth the wait, they are leather and the price was right on target (pun totally intended, ha!).
For their first foray on my site I turned to my Pinterest boards (I’d love for you to follow me there!) for inspiration. Here’s what I decided to re-create since I already owned most of the same pieces!#WhiteBootOutfit
Here’s how my 50 year old self wore this look just yesterday!#WhiteBootsOutfit#WhiteBootsOutfit

My blue and white striped shirt has an ombre effect so it’s quite a bit different from the inspiration photo and I used my new handbag. But that’s what’s fun about re-creating a look – it doesn’t need to be identical. Get inspired and use what you have!#WhiteBootsOutfit

I was thrilled with the chill in the air yesterday that allowed me to wear my plaid blazer. I shared this blazer a few months ago here and it is now sold out. I recommend taking a look at one of these:

I had fun styling my white boots and look forward to sharing more great outfits with them.#WhiteBootsOutfit

Last month we had some great entries in our link up! I loved This post from Style Splash and this one from Not Jess Fashion.


I love the bright colors in this fun outfit!


Jess has amazing style – she looks fresh off the runway!

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