Summer Outfit Idea: Bermuda Shorts

It is not officially summer yet, but no one has bothered to tell Florida that. I wonder why we always seem to be the last to know about weather? You’d think somehow we might have heard that it is in fact still spring and the temperature should not be this hot. Just kidding of course, seasons don’t really exist here – except on the calendar – it’s pretty much always hot. And humid. Bermuda shorts are a favorite of mine because of the length and the loose legs – perfect for staying cool!

Summer Outfit Idea: Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts actually got their name because they were popular in…you guessed it Bermuda! Ha! They were thought to be business appropriate attire as long as they were made of suit-like material and worn with knee socks, a tie, and a blazer. Clearly, it was an idea that has evolved over the years and now the term seems to have more to do with the length of the shorts than anything else.

Two Outfit Ideas with Bermuda Shorts

You’ve seen this first pair of Bermuda shorts here. I love the neutral color and the linen blend of the fabric. I wore this outfit out to a casual dinner with friends on Saturday night. I loved how easy it was to put together. This is my favorite way to dress when it’s hot. Just two pieces – a top and shorts – so honestly no more fussy than a tee shirt and shorts – but a far better outcome. You might want to check out a previous post I wrote featuring 10 outfit ideas.

Linen Bermuda Shorts

The second outfit is one I picked up on Friday. Using my birthday reward and taking advantage of the sale in store, both of these pieces came home with me. I’m crazy about the pin stripe in the shorts – it is subtle but impactful. The belt really caught my eye too – adds to the overall preppy vibe.

Bermuda Shorts

This pair from Loft will be great for 4th of July. There was a matching jacket as well making a great little shorts suit that would work so well for business casual. I will have more ideas to share with you later this week so stay tuned!

Final Thoughts

Bermuda shorts are never out of style, but I think we’ll see more of them this year because of the trousers that have been so popular. Think of Bermuda shorts as the wide leg trouser trend’s cousin. They’ll keep you cooler and stylish in the summer heat! They pair well with a blazer or jacket and look so put together and chic, are you a fan? I’ve rounded up a few more options currently on sale at Old Navy.

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Summer outfit idea: Bermuda Shorts

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