October Amazon Prime Purchases

It’s that time again! Time to round up and share my October Amazon Prime Purchases with you. This month I had some great purchases, including one gift. But read on, because I’m sharing it all right here!

Amazon Prime Purchases
Jacket || Camisole || Bag Strap || Boots || Tyler Glamorous Gift Set || Ring || Make Up Brush Cleaner || Cardigan

Prime Purchase #1

I shared these boots in brown last month. I realized I didn’t need that color and exchanged them for a pair in black. These boots are tied for my favorite purchase this month. Y’all, they are so good. I love the stacked heel, the cut outs on the side, and the cushiony footbed. They look so much like a more expensive pair but they are half the price. LOVE!

Prime Purchase #2

This ring is tied with the boots for my favorite purchase this month. It looks so real that when we were out to dinner with friends, they thought my husband bought me a new ring – ha! This ring is breathtakingly beautiful and will definitely draw some attention. Plus with the holidays coming up who doesn’t want a little extra sparkle? P.S. It comes in both silver and gold!

Prime Purchase #3

As much as I love my camo/pink/red combo bag strap, I realized I needed something a little less flashy. This one is more subdued, the quality is amazing and I have sworn that I will never buy a strap anywhere else! This bag is the perfect dupe for mine and the price for it cannot be beat – remember I shared it last week? If you are even just considering this bag, get it. It is the perfect size and wears so well since it’s vegan leather.

Prime Purchase #4

I have been on a blazer kick lately and just can’t quit it. My wardrobe really needed (oh puh-leeze) a camel colored blazer. After searching high and low, I found this one. While it’s not quite as good as my beloved Walmart blazer, it’s a close second. I did have to iron and steam it – unlike the Walmart one but the color and fit (I am wearing a medium) were good so I am keeping it.

Prime Purchase #5

This silky little camisole is such a hot number. It has adjustable straps and I love the satiny feel. It is perfect for underneath blazers and sweaters. The cowl neck really elevates the piece and gives it a much more expensive look. I ordered a size 8 in the color khaki.

Prime Purchase #6

When I saw that this Tyler Glamorous Gift Set was on sale for such a good price (under $30!) I ordered it. I plan on using it as a Christmas gift and I know the recipient will love it. I had to restrain myself and not buy one for myself. I have heard such great things about this detergent.

Prime Purchase #7

I suppose I should never say never because I’d have to eat my words on more than one occasion. For several years I swore by IT Cosmetics Brush Bath and could not imagine ever liking another product to clean my make up brushes. I had even tried Cinema Secrets before and was less than impressed. I’m not sure how it happened but I am officially a believer and am hooked on this stuff. I bought the large bottle!

Prime Purchase #8

A few months back I purchased a cropped cardigan from Target. I really liked it but it was a little too heavy for my climate and I knew it wouldn’t get worn as much as I’d like. Finding the right one was like searching for a needle in a hay stack but I believe I have found the answer! This one seems right – not too heavy, good color, good fit, and the price was right.

On Tuesday I’ll be joining my friend Tanya for her monthly Prime Purchases link up. Check it out – it’s always a good time!


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