Christmas Shopping

Hi friends! Every year I approach Christmas with the same intentions: it’s not about what’s under the tree but who’s around it! I am always trying to keep the focus where it should be and not so much on Christmas shopping.

And that lasts.

About three days.

Then the pressure gets to me and I am instantly transformed into some crazy lady who is overwhelmed and concerned that the purchased gifts are not good enough. I begin overthinking and overspending. Much to my husband’s chagrin.

This year I decided to change my strategy a bit by making a list here on the blog of all the Christmas shopping I’ve done thus far and what I plan to do moving forward. I’ve mentioned on Instagram that I am not making gift guides, and I am not. I don’t consider myself to be a talented gift giver. As a matter of fact, the only area in which my gift giving abilities seem to excel is when the recipient is me – or someone just like me! And guess what? There’s no one on the list like that.

I do love wrapping the gifts beautifully and having them under the tree (this was last year btw).

My Approach

My approach to Christmas shopping begins with my husband. Bless his heart – he puts money aside all year long to pay for Christmas. We are not in debt and never will be thanks to him. He also – bless his heart – prints a spreadsheet out for me of all those we are buying gifts for and the amount he has “budgeted” for the gift. This is helpful for me as I love a list more than anything.

Having the list and checking it (twice – ha!!) off once the gift has been purchased does help. so my approach is to stick with the list but also brainstorm some ideas before I purchase so I can apply the one and done rule. Buy one gift and BE DONE! In year’s past I have purchased several gifts because I keep finding something I like better, or I doubt myself. This is a waste of time – I am going to stop that tomfoolery for once and all!

Who I Buy For

Some years ago we decided to stop gifting the adults in the family. My sister, brother and I all realized we were basically just passing gift cards back and forth. Now we buy only for the kids. However, the kids are all growing up – the youngest is my 5 year old niece and then we have a 17 year old niece and everyone just gets older from there. The budget for them is $35. The problem? It’s hard to buy something they’ll like for $35 so we end up giving cash. I do love to buy for my 5 year old niece though and look forward to hearing from her what she’d like and then getting the approval from my sister.

Last year’s Thanksgiving photo – pretty much all the people I buy for are in this phot!

I do like to buy something for my mom. Especially since my dad died I want to shower her with a little extra. Past experience tells me that what I pick out is not always what she wants. Last year, for example, the woman literally chose a pair of shoes from the Walking Cradles website. I bought them for her and gave them to her for Christmas. I wish you could have seen her face when she opened the box because SHE HAD NO IDEA WHY I WAS GIVING HER SHOES! I had to remind her that she wanted them. So, yeah, that went well. Turns out she ended up loving them and I just ordered her another pair. Not certain that will be her gift again this year. She admires my initial necklace all the time so I may order her that and fingers crossed she likes it!

My husband can be tough to shop for because the man literally wants nothing. How someone of such simple means ended up with me is beyond comprehension. But here we are almost 30 years later so who am I to wonder. He has told me two things he’d like: a belt and wireless ear buds. He sent me a link to the ear buds AFTER I purchased Air Pods for him. Thank goodness for Target’s return policy. I also bought him some cologne that is a favorite and hard to find.

My boys, I love them so!

My oldest son, Nolan has not yet given me a list of what he’d like or needs. I am ordering this however, because I think it would be fun for him to have in Nashville.

My youngest son told me he needed new Air Pods – AFTER I returned the ones I bought my husband. So, I ordered a pair. He’d also like some new shoes but we’ll shop together for those. Typically he asks for lots of supplies for school – he is an architecture major and uses lots of things that I can’t even begin to understand.

Both of my boys send links to the items they like to make shopping easy for me. I appreciate it and so do they. Shopping online helps me avoid those impulse purchases and great deals that aren’t so great if you don’t really need them, right?

What I Want

Since I’m the shopper in the family, I usually buy my own gift and give it to my husband. He usually goes out with the boys and they get me gift cards as well – even though I tell them not to. I have my eye on this make up mirror, I’d love anything from Julie Voss or Rockstar in Rome, specifically this choker.


Christmas shopping for family is one thing but then all the extras pop up. Our mail woman, we’ll probably give her cash because she is amazing and I think that would be what she’d really like. Our dog groomer is a mobile groomer and she and her daughters have been taking care of Sophie for years. I usually by them a big tin of goodies from Costco. Two of my nephews have serious girlfriends and I need to get them something as well. They tend to be the hardest for me because I think young women in the 20’s want one thing and then find out that’s not really what they’re into. I have my eye on these earrings for them because who doesn’t like hoop earrings?

One of my best friends and I exchange gifts – and I have purchased two gifts so I can choose. The other I will use for someone else just in case. I bought this and this as possible gifts for her. My love language is NOT gifts and I would prefer to actually spend a day or evening with this friend in lieu of a gift but we have not decided on that yet. She is so super busy and that sad thing is that even though she lives two blocks from me I NEVER see her! I have actually seen Lisa more this year and she lives out of state!

Of course there will be a few hostess gifts here and there that I’ll pick up. I love giving (and receiving candles). I also like to include this rechargeable lighter.

So, that’s the plan. Of course I’ll take a look at all the Black Friday sales and probably end up grabbing some things. How about you, do you have a plan for Christmas shopping? Are you done? Do tell!

Sales worth noting to help you with your Christmas shopping!

Spanx – 20% off no code needed!

Walmart – amazing deals you can shop right now!

Target – shop all their Black Friday deals now!

Tarte Cosmetics – 30 -50% off. I love this brand and swear by many of their products.

Loft – usually they have 50% off everything – fingers crossed!

Nordstrom – lots of great deals available now and as always free shipping and returns!

Old Navy – Black Friday pre-sale is going on now for card members.


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