February Prime Purchases

It’s that time again, time to join Tanya and share all the things I primed in the previous month. This is the one link up that I go back to time and time again to visit the posts of all who link up. Amazon is so big and it helps to see what treasure someone else found, right?

Let’s start with the items that got me most excited! Y’all know I hosted a bridal shower brunch for my best friend’s daughter. Amazon came in handy and the first two items I’m sharing made the biggest impact!

ice cube tray from Amazon

Because I’ll never host a party again without these beautiful ice cubes, these trays came in handy. They are sold in a two pack so you are only able to make 8 at a time. No problem, I’d make them, store in a freezer bag and make more. They certainly added a nice touch! Plain ice is so 2020! Ha!!!!

Mimosa Kit

This mimosa kit was so helpful. It had everything I needed and more and the price point was terrific. I had checked at Michael’s and while they sell these things separately they would have cost more. Winner, winner!!! The plastic champagne flutes were also a Prime purchase this month.

I searched high and low for sequin fabric for my tablescape. It dawned on me to check Amazon and of course I found the perfect runners! Lesson learned – check Amazon first!

Amazon Joggers + Tiger Tee
Joggers || Sweatshirt

I must have been so busy with shower preparations that I only bought one item of clothing this month from Amazon. My bestie Shelly shared these joggers and she was right – they are fantastic!

One last purchase made by me is this rechargeable lighter for candles. Emphasis on candles as it is not powerful enough to light our gas grill – much to my husband’s chagrin. But as a candle lover, I hated throwing away those lighters every month or so and forget me and a match – too scary to think about.

I am always scouring Amazon and you can visit my Amazon storefront anytime! This month I am updating some decor and hope to find lots of items on Amazon. I have my eye on this rug, these vases, and this tray.

I usually forget to mention this but each month I do enjoy getting my free kindle book that comes with my Prime membership. Between that and my library I have saved a bundle on books and only purchase devotionals or books I may need for work. What have you been priming lately?


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