Want Longer Legs? Here’s How!

Legs. Whether you were born with long legs or not it seems we all want our legs to look longer. Today I share how you can get the look of a longer leg in just 5 easy steps. So, you want your legs to look longer? I’ve got you covered. After all, I cannot ever remember a time when I heard someone say they wanted their legs to look shorter, can you?

Also, let me preface this by saying that the tips I’m sharing are simply suggestions if you want to achieve the look of a longer leg. I am by no means saying that when you do the opposite that it’s wrong. So, without further adieu, let’s get on with it.

Longer Legs Tip # 1

Want your leg to look longer? Add a heel. Doesn’t necessarily need to be super high, although the higher the better. But let’s not over do it and hurt ourselves. Your legs won’t look longer if you’re in a cast or an orthopedic boot – know what I mean?

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Even better, make that heel match your skin tone if you’re wearing a skirt or dress. Wearing pants? Match your shoe to the color of your pants. A low vamp on your shoe helps too as does a pointy toe. Super pointy toes may be uncomfortable so find one that works for you. I think this is one reason I’m not a fan of clogs. It’s a personal preference of course and I know lots of women who love them.

Longer Legs Tip #2

Pay attention to your pants if you want your legs to look longer. Cropped pants will shorten the look of your leg while a longer pant lengthens it. A word of caution however; your pants should not puddle at your feet. Remember these two looks from last week?

High waisted pants will also help achieve a longer looking leg. It’s all about proportion. Luckily those low waisted pants are no longer trendy and we’re finding it easier to shop higher waisted bottoms.

Longer Legs Tip #3

Speaking of proportions, try tucking in your shirt. It can help achieve the look of a longer leg much better than a knee length tunic. It’s amazing how you can easily fool the eye by tucking.

Longer Legs Tip #4

Color and pattern play a role in executing the longer leg look we crave. If you’re wearing stripes, go for vertical over horizontal. Even a seam down the front of your slacks or jeans lends a hand in lengthening the leg.

Color is key too. Monochromatic outfits are heavy lifters. Use different shades of the same color and you’ll not only have longer looking legs but you can appear slimmer as well. Personally I think a monochromatic outfit is chic!

Skinny jeans in a dark wash will lengthen the leg. Now, we’ve recently heard that skinny jeans are no longer “in” but I say they aren’t going anywhere. Not a fan of skinny jean? A straight leg will work too. Remember to pay attention to the waist (see tip #1).

Skinny Jeans + Chambray Shirt +Nude Heel
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Longer Legs Tip #5

Skirt length is key if your looking to give the appearance of a longer leg. Ideally the hem should hit just above the knee. Now that does not mean a maxi or midi skirt has no place in your wardrobe. You can play with proportions here. If you are wearing a midi or maxi skirt pay attention to your top – is it tucked? Is it tunic length?

Rust Corduroy Skirt + Knee Boots
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Final Thoughts

Whether you like the natural length and shape of your legs or not, you can achieve the look of a longer leg. Maybe these are tips you’re familiar with or maybe they’re ideas you’re drawn to when you dress. My hope is that there’s at least one tip you feel like trying.


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