Friday Favorites – Best Dupes!

Thank you for joining me today for today’s Friday Favorites – Best Dupes edition! I’m sharing the best dupes I’ve discovered lately that will leave you stylish and not broke. That’s a win-win in my book.

Let me start by saying that I never want to sacrifice quality just to get an article of clothing or an accessory to achieve a certain look. My strategy for finding good dupes is to first find the item I am drawn to and assess the price. I can usually tell if it seems like something that might go on sale and if I can wait. Sometimes I know the price will not come down enough for me and that’s when I start hitting up sites like Amazon, Target, even Walmart.

Best Dupe: Booties

Let’s kick things off with some booties #punintended. I am super impressed with the comfort and quality of these booties. They have the same stacked heel, zipper up the back and side v cut outs like the pricier version. They come in many, many colorways. Because of the pointed toe, I ordered a half size up but they run TTS (unless you have Fred Flinstone feet like me). Compare these to these, less than half the price but no compromise on style!

Best Dupe: Essential Sweater

Every wardrobe needs a basic pullover, v-neck sweater. This essential sweater can be worn alone or layered up and is such a classic it can be enjoyed season after season. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune however. This dupe is a great quality and comes in lots of colorways – perfect for cooler weather! Compare this sweater to this one or this one, what a savings!

Best Dupe: Must Have Bracelets

Accessories add interest to any outfit and I am always game for an arm party. I started noticing these acrylic tube bracelets last spring and quickly fell in love but knew that even with a discount code they’d be too pricey for me. When I discovered Canvas I was pumped and quickly ordered 4 bracelets. While I certainly wouldn’t mind adding more, I probably won’t. I consider these somewhat trendy and the price I paid for them is in-line with what I like to spend for pieces of that nature. I do think these would make a great gift however, and they work well with other pieces too!

Best Dupe: Beloved Blazer

Well, you knew this was coming, didn’t you? Is it possible for me to go any reasonable amount of time and NOT mention my love of this blazer? I now have it in black and off white. I believe I have tried to explain the quality on my Instagram Stories but you would still be amazed if you actually owned it. It’s lined, has beautiful buttons, and the fabric feels like a dream. Take a look at my beloved blazer and compare it to this one. Amazing!

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Best Dupe: Crossbody Bag & Strap

This bag isn’t so much a dupe as it is the same bag sold on a different site. My bag was a splurge from Social Threads and this bag is the exact one but it’s $33 cheaper, and it comes with a strap (mine did not). I bought a strap from Social Threads too that I love but recently added this one and I am so impressed! My new strap was $10.99 compared to my other strap at $39. Wow!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of all the things your heart desires. My wish for each of you is that you encounter others who bestow grace and kindness on you and that if for some reason you do not, that you will be the one to bestow grace and kindness on the other person!


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