How to Wear Pink in the Fall

How to Wear Pink this Fall

This may come as a bit of surprise, but pink is actually a hot color for Fall and Winter this year! Maybe it has to do with the fact that the world seems to be celebrating and getting back to some type of normalcy after the last few years. As a long time lover of the color, I couldn’t be happier! Many may be wondering how to wear pink this Fall, let me show you!

Wear a Pink Blazer for Fall

A pink blazer can be thrown over a basic tee and jeans to add polish. If it’s still warm in your neck of the woods, throw it over denim shorts. Either way this is an easy pairing.

This pink blazer from Gibson is a favorite but it’s a little on the heavier side so I can’t wear it year round here in FL. This is my mid Fall – Winter Blazer, I’ve shared it before back in March, 2021. It does come in a slew of colors, if pink is not your thing.

Hot pink Blazer + Denim
March, 2021

This bright pink blazer is my year round blazer. The weight is perfect as is the color. I love the gold button and the double breasted style. It was one of my infamous Walmart blazers from last year and is sadly no longer available. But I did find a contender in this one.

Pink blazer + Black polo neck sweater + Pink Pants

The light pink linen blazer is such a classic and I’ll keep it FOREVER. Linen can be worn in Fall btw -even though it may seem like more of warm weather fabric.

Pink Blazer + Denim Shorts

The pink blazer also works exceptionally well over a column of white, black, grey, or even blue.

Pink linen blazer + Plaid trousers

Wear a Pink Top for Fall

Another way to wear pink this Fall is with a top or blouse. If you’re unsure how to wear pink and not look silly or juvenile, think of wearing it with something more serious – like plaid trousers! This is a great way to balance the fun color.

If you decide to wear a pink top, then make sure you get the right shade since it will be near your face.

Pink Chico's Blouse + Top Shop Plaid Pants

Wear Pink Pants for Fall

Pink on the bottom half is another way to incorporate this fun color into your wardrobe. I own two pair of pink trousers. This hot pink pair is from JCrew and they are old. This pair from Loft is a great option. I love it with this solid black polo neck sweater. This is a great way to wear pink this Fall.

Black Polo Neck sweater + Pink Pants

Pink Accessories for Fall

How about a hot pink handbag? Or shoes? Maybe jewelry? Accessories are yet another way to dip your toe into the trend without making too much of a commitment.

As mature women I believe we should care about trends. It keeps us current, relevant, and stylish. Now I am not suggesting we copy the 20 somethings, let them have their fun while we have ours. But when something is trending it means you are going to see it – in many places. Why resist when we can incorporate it into our wardrobes? There will be some trends you like, some you love, and some you say no way to – and that is all OKAY. But if your attention is even slightly piqued then you owe it to yourself to give it a try.

Who Can Wear Pink?

That seems like a trick question to me but I do hear from time to time someone say that they don’t look good in pink. I believe we can all wear every color just in the right shade. There are lots of different shades of pink, some are more yellow based (warm) and some are more blue based (cool). You’ll know which one works best for you as soon as you put it on!

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