Friday Favorites – End of October

Here we are friends, saying goodbye to October in a few days. I saw that there are under 60 days until Christmas and that kind of took my breath away! That brings me to today’s Friday Favorites – End of October edition!

Friday Favorites – End of October

As we ready ourselves to usher in a new month, many of us are also thinking about the holidays! I had an event at my sorority house this week and my friends and I were chatting about an upcoming gift exchange we’re part of. I would never consider myself an ace gift giver but I know the things I like. Since I do consider myself pretty much like everyone else, I figure if I like something, chances are others will too! So I put together a graphic of gift ideas under $40 – these are the perfect gifts (according to me) for a gift exchange with the women in your life!

end of October

Along the same lines, the Sephora sale starts today! I love giving gifts from Sephora (and getting them too!). They have great sets at all different price points. These are the things I have my eye on! Shop here.

Favorite Event this Week

I mentioned attending an event at my sorority house this week. It was Founder’s Day on Monday and we gathered for a dinner. I haven’t always been active in my sorority’s alumnae chapter but the timing is right now and I am so happy to reconnect with old friends – and make some new ones!

The lesson here is that you are never too old to go back! If you were welcome once, you are welcome again! It’s easy to feel lonely and disconnected as we age and our lives change. I encourage you to take matters into your own hands and not let that happen. Maybe there’s a group you can reconnect with, or a new one to join. Find your tribe – it’s never too late!

I have so enjoyed my time with these ladies! The photo below will make sense to you if you are a Kappa Delta – it’s what we strive for!

Favorite Blog Post This Week

My friend Marsha is a thoughtful and creative writer. I enjoy her blog posts – you would too! Marsha is someone I had the absolute pleasure of meeting in person and she is every bit as sweet in person as she is on her blog. She wrote a great post this week, check it out here.

Favorite New Find This Week

Always on the hunt for comfortable yet stylish shoes, I stopped by Dillard’s last week and tried on several pair. I needed a kitten heel with a pointy toe in black. After trying on several brands, I was surprised to find these from a new to me brand. The sales associate informed me that it’s an in-house brand named after Mr. Dillard’s daughter! Guess what? I am a fan! These shoes have extra cushion in the foot bed and are very comfortable. Listen – I am still a Vionics lover and believer but if they don’t have the shoe I need, I have to go elsewhere. Check these out!

Favorite Sale!

Starting today and ending Tuesday, Avara has an extra 50% off sale items! This includes my Riley top I have been wearing a ton! I am wearing it in a size small. Use code SALE50 and shop here!

That wraps it up for me on this final Friday of October. Friends, I hope you have a good weekend ahead of you. Take some time to do something that nourishes your soul and spend time with those you love.

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