Gift Ideas 2023

Happy Monday friends! Here we are 2 weeks from Christmas, are you ready? I still have gifts to buy and maybe you do too. I admit, travelling over Thanksgiving put me a bit behind but no worries, it will all get done. In any case, this seemed like as good a time as any to share my Gift Ideas 2023 with you!

Gift Ideas 2023

In our family we buy gifts only for the kids, making things much easier. I do buy something for my mom though. The kids all give us lists of things they need or want, again making gift buying much easier. There are very few gifts I have to buy without direction. So my gift ideas are based on things I own and recommend as well as things I have seen and have been endorsed by influencers I trust.

Gifts for the Travel Lover

Having just returned from a trip and preparing for another in March, I feel pretty confident making a few recommendations. This flexible magnifying mirror is the best in my opinion. It travels well too! The main reason I like it best is because it takes up NO counter space and instead sticks to the mirror (or other surface). Some hotels have very limited counter space so this one is so convenient! I use it at home too, since the mirror has the 10x magnification and uses batteries to light up. I really like the flexible gooseneck and the suction cup locks on to the surface. It does not budge. It’s just under $30 and right now there is a $2 off coupon.

One of the very best things I brought on my recent trip was these travel perfume bottles. They are so easy to fill and are complete spill proof. My husband used one for his cologne too!

I love packing cubes. They help me stay organized and I feel like I can fit so much more in my suitcase thanks to them. I cannot imagine traveling any other way. Mine are several years old but I linked to some that are similar.

We bought air tags for our trip since we had so many connecting flights. I think everyone needs at least one and I bought each of my boys one to throw in their stocking.

For the Beauty Lover

There are all kinds of fun gifts for your beauty lovers! However, one of the most practical is this brush cleaner paired with a pack of make up brushes. I have tried a lot of different methods to clean my brushes and used to use It Cosmetics Brush Bath but then I tried this one and I will never go back. It cleans in seconds and dries instantly. It is incredible!

Great for Anyone

This cup warmer also functions as a candle warmer! Use it to keep your coffee warm and then pop a jarred candle on it. It slowly melts the wax (no flame so it burns clean) and releases the scent.

I think this cutting board would make a great gift! Tie a pretty ribbon on it and pair it with some crackers, nuts, cheeses, and olives!

Although this one is on the pricier side, I know many parents and grandparents who would love to get this digital frame. The nice thing is you don’t have to be terribly tech savvy, there’s no app and no subscription required either. You simply use email so your loved ones can share photos easily and they’ll appear!

The Best Gifts

Honestly, the best gifts to give are experiences in my opinion. I’d rather have a lunch or dinner out with a friend than a gift. Maybe it’s tickets to a concert or performance – but I think any chance to gift someone with something meaningful makes the best gift. So many of us have all we need or have access to it. I hate buying things just to buy them, you know? I say if you really know the receiver you know what matters most to them and THAT is the gift you should give.

I hope you are enjoying the season and not stressing about gifts. This is a great time of year to get things we might need because of the sales but I don’t think anyone should be worrying about finding that perfect gift – it seems overrated to me. But, as I have said before, my love language is quality time.

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