Favorite Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Happy Friday, friends! Today I am bringing you a few of my favorite gift ideas for Mother’s Day. Since it’s just a little over a week away it’s time to make some decisions if you haven’t already. These are the things I’d personally love to own – if I don’t already. As always, I think the very best gift is the gift of time but that happens to be my personal love language.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Favorite Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Buying a Mother’s Day gift is very personal in my opinion. I am a firm believer that it’s not so much about the amount spent but more about the thought behind the gift. Call it a Hallmark holiday if you wish but important relationships in our lives deserve celebration. That said, if you are buying a gift, or you’ve been asked multiple times by those around you to come up with something you’d like, then maybe one of my favorite ideas will be of help to you.

Gifts I’d Love to Receive

In most cases if I want something I usually buy it for myself. However, there are a few things I have yet to buy and would love to receive as a gift! A pair of my favorite pajamas are always at the top of my list. Not just any old pajamas – I have realized I prefer either Printfresh or Lusome. The cotton fabric and fun prints make the higher price tag on Printfresh worth it to me. Lusome are the only pajamas that actually keep me from sweating. I was thrilled to work with them last fall and I can honestly say that they really work! Their proprietary fabric technology Xirotex pulls moisture from fabric to the surface for rapid evaporation. I took them to Italy with me and even though it was warm I was not sweaty and hot at night. Lusome has 30% right now for Mother’s Day, this sleepshirt would make a great gift and with 30% the price is excellent!

Jewelry is always a good idea, right? For Christmas I asked my husband for this necklace. I love it! I wear it all the time – almost daily. It goes with everything and I really like the brand. I also have a necklace from Susan Shaw and really like what she has to offer.

For over a year now, these woven bags have been all over social media. I’m not about to buy the designer version – I think they are a trend that I’ll likely tire of. It kind of makes me crazy that even the Amazon version is pricey in my book. But this is exactly the kind of thing I’d like as a gift because it’s something I wouldn’t buy for myself.

What Are Your Plans?

Do you have plans for Mother’s Day? My plans include taking my mom to brunch, just my husband and I. My sons will not be with us, and of course I’ll miss them. But I’m with them both today and I am capitalizing on that! Honestly, any day can be Mother’s Day. So, if, like me you won’t be with your children or maybe you are missing your mom, maybe you are not a mom – it’s okay. I hope you do something in honor of your mother or someone who made an impact on your life. What I hope more than anything is that you are not feeling sad or down. We don’t get these moments back.

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