Friday Favorites #61

Well, lucky us, we made it to Friday! Continuing with my “lucky” theme today I am bringing you some things that have caught my eye this week!

Favorite #1 Remember on Wednesday I shared my second go ’round with Prime Wardrobe? I really liked the Calvin Klein dress I tried but in the end it was a little too pricey for me. Lucky me, I went into TJ Maxx and got this dress. It’s the same style but it cost only $40! Here’s and option.#Calvin Klein Dress

Favorite #2 My friend Lisa shared these cute blush wedges on her blog last week. Lucky me, I tried them and they fit! I wore them on Sunday and they have me feeling spring ready! They ran TTS for me!#Blush Wedges

Favorite #3 My precious niece turned 3 on Sunday and we celebrated with a party. She adores unicorns! I offered to bake the cupcakes for the party. Lucky for me Amazon had the cutest unicorn wraps and picks! They were a hit!Cupcake Wrappers

Favorite #4 It’s time to start getting ready to show some skin! That means it’s time to pull out my favorite self tanning products. Lucky for me (and you) they are affordable! I use this daily moisturizer and this self tanner. I just found this one and I may give it a try since it has SPF!

Favorite #5 In October of this year my sweet husband and I will celebrate our 25th anniversary. We just booked a trip to England, Scotland, and Ireland and couldn’t be more excited. We’ve been working on this with our travel agent and it has been a process! Lucky for me my husband took the reigns on this one when my dad died and got everything planned. Travel-the-UK

This weekend my family will gather to celebrate our first St. Patrick’s Day without my dad. It will be hard! But we are committed to continuing our family traditions and sharing fun memories of the man who made all our Irish eyes smile! How about you? Any plans this weekend?

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