Flare Up

I had a flare up of the Monday blues this week. No particular reason just tired and anxious for this last full week of school to be over! Thanks to Irma we have school next Monday but then we begin our Thanksgiving break! And my college boy comes home! In any case, now that I can shop my whole closet for what to wear each day I find that somedays I am overwhelmed by the choices. I just felt like being comfortable and that called for jeans. I decided to rebel a little (wink, wink Mary) because Mondays are not in fact jeans days. Little did I know my principal sent an email over the weekend granting us jeans days through December! So much for taking a walk on the wild side and rebelling!

What started out as just a comfortable, kind of meh outfit actually garnered quite a few compliments! Who knew? Apparently everyone enjoys a good flare jean from time to time! As you can see the weather was kind of dreary and the wind was picking up but that didn’t stop the picture taking! It’s gotten a little difficult with the time change, this getting dark so early business is not a blogger’s friend. I think you can tell I’m tired too – thank goodness for sunglasses, lol!

So my jeans are old from American Eagle. Like years old. But so good. Skinny jeans are fabulous but there’s just something about a flare jean that skinnies just can’t deliver. Maybe it’s that they’re fitted through the butt and thigh and then flare below the knee. Maybe it’s because they lend themselves so beautifully to the boho trend. If comfort weren’t an issue I’d probably love wearing a pair of leather flip flops with these jeans but my middle aged feet won’t have that so my comfy wedges won the footwear battle.

So here’s the skinny on the flares #witty, they’re fun, they’re comfortable, and they do nice things for your legs. Now who doesn’t want that?! You can wear any top you like with your flares. I chose an old top from Target, the Knox Rose brand is one of my favorites! I just love the boho vibe. This one is similar. But I love this all over lace top , this velvet bell sleeve blouse, and this one. If you’re looking for a pair of flares take a look at this pair, this pair, and this pair. They are all under $30!

So, the nest time the Monday blues flare up for you fight back with something fabulous! I find the best way to feel good is to look good! Now tell me, do you own any flares? How do you wear your flares? Do you wish I would stop typing the word ‘flares’ okay, I will. Bye for now and thank you for stopping by, it means so much to me. Drop me a line in the comment section below!


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