Affordable Fashion from Walmart for Fall

Oh friends, Walmart has my heart these days. It was just a few years back that they started grabbing my attention with Free Assembly. I didn’t care much for Scoop but that has changed as of late. I can’t wait to share several affordable fashion pieces from Walmart I recently ordered, I think you’re gonna want them too! But here’s the thing – Walmart sells out quickly so if you like something GET it – you can return it in store or ship back for free. One other thing – shop Walmart ONLINE because you won’t find these pieces in the store!

Affordable Fashion from Walmart for Fall

I follow several influencers on YouTube and they share their Walmart finds. Those then become my Walmart finds that lead me to others. Let me assure you, if I were merely looking at the stock photos online I’d skip many of the affordable fashion items but seeing them on real bodies is a game changer.

Cargo pants are making their way back in a big way this year. I have one old pair but I could hardly ignore this pair in army green (also available in black). I’ve worn them more times than I care to admit. I’ve been complimented on them by young people too – which is a win in my book. They are just $17.98 but the fit and the quality would never let on that these are so affordable.

Affordable fall fashion from Walmart

Baby tees are popping up EVERYWHERE. I think this is because women are tired of dealing with the snaps on bodysuits. They fit slim to the body and stay tucked. Listen, you’ll find these at lots of different price points but no one does it better than Scoop by Walmart for $10. This Baby Tee is just $10 and comes in white and black. I ordered the size medium – I love it. Compare it to this one by Skims for $48.

Affordable fall fashion from Walmart

Blazers are a wardrobe staple and this one with ruched sleeves is exceptional. It’s made of that scuba material and feels very luxe. The fit is impeccable. I wish it came in more colors because I’d buy EVERY SINGLE ONE. I am wearing a small for reference. Also? Do I need a black blazer? No. No, I do not. But I love this one so the tags came off and in my closet she goes!

Doesn’t it look good with the denim skirt and my cool new necklace?? The ruched sleeves make it easy to dress up or down!

Affordable fall fashion from Walmart

You can hardly talk Fall fashion without mentioning jeans. Well, Walmart has those too. I had a hard time finding my size because they sell out so quickly. I ordered this pair and while I like them, I am returning them. They are a size too big and I honestly don’t need them. I ordered them to be able to review them to share with you. But I do recommend them. They have the seam down the front, they are wide legged (but not too wide) and the denim is sturdy.

Affordable fall fashion from Walmart

Finally, how about a cute knit dress? The kind you can wear with a sneaker, a sandal, a boot – you know dressed up or down? Well…HERE YOU GO. Behold this soft knit dress. Feels like a hug! This beauty comes in navy and in green – both have white trim. That trim really elevates the look and the knit is very luxurious. I did return this dress but only because just bought this dress.

Affordable fall fashion from Walmart

Is Affordable Fall Fashion a Good Idea?

That almost seems a silly question, doesn’t it? I mean who doesn’t want to save money? Personally I like to save when I can and spend at other times. I enjoy and appreciate spending on some things like good, leather accessories. I save on trendier items but I am saying NO to fast fashion. Also? Fast fashion is anything that is cheaply made that only lasts a season. I’m not defining it by the retailer.

Take a look below, I shared this on Instagram. The Walmart blazer and jeans on the left and the blazer and jeans on the right by Franne Golde. The difference? A mere $63 for the Walmart look and $370 from Franne Golde.

What I love about these affordable fashion pieces is the accessibility. Brining high quality, fashion forward pieces to mainstream America means everyone can enjoy feeling good and looking good. And that is always a good idea!

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