Inspired by Honey We’re Home

I am a bona fide blog reader and fashion copy cat, I admit it! More than anything I love wearing cute clothes that are comfortable and stylish. My goal is to always appear put together… View Post

It’s Still Summer!

Regardless of what sale is going on now and how many ads you see for school supplies, it’s still summer! Actually in my neck of the woods it’s going to feel like summer for a… View Post

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me & How I Lift My Spirits

Happy Monday! I think today’s theme is a great way to kick off the week, right? I mean, honestly getting to know one another a little better or better yet finding out about some of… View Post

Pink Gingham

My love affair with gingham continues. It seems a personal mission to get gingham in every color! Luckily I am in good company. My sweet friend and Ageless Style sister, Jodie wanted to join forces… View Post

Friday Favorites #9

Here we are at the first Friday in March! I’m hoping you are looking forward to the weekend as much as me. Let’s kick it off with my list of favorites for the week. If… View Post

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