Trousers and Sandals

Well if that title doesn’t entice you I don’t know what will! Ha!! But really, today I am sharing a simple look of trousers and sandals. This combo has become very modern, trendy, and stylish! Who knew? Years ago I would have thought it frumpy but not any longer.

Trousers and sandals

Trousers and Sandals

Truth be told there are few things in life I can say are absolute no’s for me. Typically if you show me something over and over again I’ll eventually get on board. That’s what happened here.

My old way of thinking was that trousers are dressy and must be worn with dressier shoes. But modern fashion is all about new possibilities. If we want to remain modern and relevant then I believe being open minded is key!

Trousers and sandals


Trousers with pleats are usually something I avoid. They tend to accentuate my tummy and I do that all on my own, thank you! I have learned that it is all about the placement of the pleats that makes the difference. So while these are not giving me super flat abs (because I do not have them to start with) I also don’t look completely bloated. I am wearing these in a medium in the color apricot, however, they come in a total of 8 colorways.

Trousers and sandals

My friend and I were discussing this just last week when we were walking. So many high waisted pants are all the rage right now. But that doesn’t mean they work on everyone. We are both short waisted with large chests. A high waist can make me look like all belly and boob. I proceed with caution because that is not the look I am going for!


Let’s chat about the sandals. Are you familiar with the term dad sandals? Well, this is my version. These happen to be my latest Vionic purchase. Needless to say I love them! While I was lucky enough to work with Vionic in the past, I am not at this time. I think that speaks volumes to my love of the brand. These shoes are not inexpensive but they are worth every penny. Currently these are under $50 (normally $109), they run TTS.

Trousers and sandals

Pairing the Two

Once Fall rolls around I will wear a sneaker or loafer with these trousers. But for the foreseeable future it’s all about sandals. This casual pairing is comfortable for Summer. I’d wear it just about anywhere – errands, out to lunch, shopping, even work (it would have been fine at my previous elementary school). I’d bring a lightweight jacket along just in case the a/c got too cold.

Trousers and sandals

A good outfit is built on a few principles, one is balance. So, if you go a little more voluminous on one half you go a little more fitted on the other. I wore a tank with these flowy, wide leg trousers to achieve that balance and it works! I will say that one way to make this better would be a bodysuit, that is one thing on my wishlist and I am currently reviewing options.

Final Thoughts

So, what do you think about trousers and sandals? Is this something you’d wear?

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