How to Wear White this Fall

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Today is all about wearing white in fall and breaking free from the shackles of outdated fashion rules. Yes, you can wear white in and winter too. Not only is it perfectly permissible but it can help you look modern, sophisticated, and chic! Besides, who wants to wear nothing but dark colors anyway? Not me! So let me show you how to wear white this fall!

Wear White with Plaid

Let’s start with casual looks that are easy to create. Any plaid or flannel shirt will work. I like mine tied at the waist using this fun little trick. Adding the hat and booties, compared to sandals or wedges gives the outfit fall flair!

White denim + Plaid Flannel + Hat + Booties
Trying to change up my posing game! Ha!

The colors in this plaid shirt are soft and pretty. You’ve seen it here before. It’s a nice alternative to the darker, richer colors that normally come to mind in fall. But it’s nice to change things up in my opinion – just like my attempt at posing differently!

White denim + Plaid Flannel + Hat + Booties

Wear White with Jewel Tones

Now I know when asked what you could pair with anything, the automatic response is black or white. But how about instead of a black top, we work with a dark green one? Or even a jeweled tone top? Short sleeves are perfect for this time of year when the weather can still be pretty warm. Adding booties definitely solidifies the fall vibe here.

White Denim + Green Peplum Top + Booties
#falloutfitideas #whitedenim
White Denim + Star Sweater + Sneakers
#falloutfitideas #whitedenim

Wear White with a Lightweight Sweater

Of course a lightweight sweater is always a good idea with white bottoms. Remember when I first shared this sweater? I wore this to travel home from Nashville last Thursday and it was so comfortable ! I had several people compliment me on the whole ensemble.

Wear White with Other Neutrals

Another way to wear white in fall and winter is with other neutrals – just change up the textures. I had a hard time finding a duster like this (similar) – it needed to be lightweight, short sleeved, and just the right shade. I happened upon this in a boutique in Nashville.

White Denim + Neutral Duster
#falloutfitideas #whitedenim
White Denim + Neutral Duster
#falloutfitideas #whitedenim

Wearing White to Work

How about wearing white to work? Of course you can! These white pants are a favorite of mine and you’ve seen me in them many times before. They are the old Editor cut from Express. The slight flare leg is flattering and they never let me down.

Black Blazer + White Trousers
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I feel like I’m breaking all the rules here by wearing my blue silk blouse with my black blazer. But I like the way it turned out. The blazer is one I will go on and on about for some time because it has blown my mind. Each day I find myself wondering how I can incorporate into what I’m wearing. Then I am the annoying person who tells anyone and everyone within earshot about it.

Shhhhh…don’t tell but I may have ordered it in two more colors!

Silk Blouse + White Trousers
#falloutfitideas #workwear

And of course you can always wear your white trousers with a silk blouse and no jacket. I think it would be hard for anyone to say that this does not look seasonally appropriate. There’s no reason white should be off limits. You can wear white in fall in a professional setting and feel good about how you look!

Wear Winter White or Off White

If you are still hesitant about wearing white in fall you might feel more comfortable in “off white” or “Winter white.” IN that case the same suggestions apply – all the things you’d pair white with will work. In addition, you can play with all the neutral tones and add lots of textures just like I did below.

Off White Flare Leg Pants + Kimono Blouse

I wore the above outfit to brunch on Sunday to meet up with some Instagram friends! The satiny kimono style blouse in a pretty light blush color with the wooden beaded necklace added lots of interest to these pants. This outfit is one I will repeat as it was comfortable and I felt great in it! I even had a woman stop me in the restaurant to ask me where she could find pants like mine! Sadly I purchased them last year at a boutique in Nashville. Are you sensing a theme here as to what I like to do when I am in Nashville?

The Takeaway

So, are you convinced? White is not off limits just because the calendar says fall. Those old rules do not apply, we have evolved and moved past that. Now, I will say that you can wear white in a way that is seasonally appropriate and probably feel much more comfortable than if you were wearing white sandals and a white sundress. But I’ll also say that if you wanted to wear white sandals and a white sundress there’s nothing wrong with that either!

My point today is to help give you ideas to break out of a style rut if you’re in one or just take some chances and do something unexpected. The goal here is to always feel good in clothes and enjoy fashion in a way that lets the world know something about you. I am a firm believer that if you feel good in your clothes, you’ll have confidence and there is little that can stop a confident woman!

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