Prime Fashion

Prime Day starts tomorrow so I figured why not share some of my Prime fashion faves with you – and a few extra things too! The fashion I’m sharing are things I own or plan to purchase. In the last year I have become pretty selective with Prime fashion. Gone are the days I bought it all – now I read reviews and think about it before just buying. Too many cast offs ended up in my donate pile!

Amazon Prime Fashion

Prime Fashion

I’ll be very upfront with you here – there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors on Amazon when it comes to fashion. The stock photos don’t always reflect what the product looks like in real life. The colors are sometimes off and the fit too; more discouraging is the quality in some cases. But then there are those pieces that are fabulous! So be careful, read reviews, check measurements, and return anything and everything you don’t love.

I’ve had good luck with a few brands from Amazon – The Drop and Amazon Essentials specifically. You can also find brands like Levi’s and Free People on Prime too.

Most Loved Prime Fashion

Last week I mentioned these pants, well, they arrived! No surprise but I really like them. They feel so silky and soft, drape nicely and the length is great. Trousers like these are popping up everywhere yet finding the right pair can be like finding a needle in a haystack. One problem I have encountered is the fit – the legs are way too wide, too long, and the pleats across the tummy area accentuate my belly. Then there’s the fabric – it’s either too thick or too thin. Living in such a warm climate, I am looking for something lighter in weight but I still want quality.

Amazon Prime Fashion

This pair from Pretty Garden comes in lots of colors and sizes. I am planning to wear these more casually with sandals and sneakers not heels. For me, at 5’5″ and 133lbs the medium fit perfectly, they range in size from S – XXL.

Amazon Prime Fashion

I’ll continue to tout this dress as a most loved Prime fashion piece forever! I’ve had it for a year now, have worn it for multiple occasions and it has held up so well. I wash it in the washing machine with other colors and tumble dry on low for a few minutes and then hang it to dry. I’ve not had to iron it and it’s become a great wardrobe staple.

black dreess summer wardrobe essentials

Finally, the strapless bra is another favorite of mine. I am so happy that so many of you like it too!

Final Thoughts

With so many choices in fashion and because it’s so easy to access, Amazon Prime is a major player when it comes to retailers vying to earn your dollar. For me, it’s helpful to follow influencers I trust to help me narrow down my search when I start shopping Prime fashion. While I know what works for one person may not work for another, I have learned to listen to those who seem to share my taste or style.

Will you be shopping the Prime Day sales? If you haven’t already, you can check out my Amazon storefront here. It’s collection of products I really like! Below I’ve listed some of the products I purchase on repeat.

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