Packing My Bags for San Francisco

Happy Monday friends! On Saturday we are heading to San Francisco and I can hardly wait! You may remember I have stated that I am committed to using a carry on only and what a challenge that will be. I am a notorious over packer and I like it that way! But, I’m up for a challenge and since we’ll only be gone 5 days I think I can make it work. Here’s the deal: this is going to be a very active vacation – we have a full agenda so I know what we’ll be doing and when. Also? the average temperature in June is a high of 67 degrees! I may never want to leave. But seriously 67 is cold for this Florida girl!

Here’s a look at what I am planning to wear:

Here’s a break down of what I’m planning on packing as far as bottoms go: a pair of jeans, blush utility pants , my printed palazzo pants, and olive utility pants . These are all good basic pieces and will pack well. You might notice I didn’t use the olive pants in a planned outfit – they’re kind of a wildcard because they go with all the tops I’m bringing.  I am wondering if I should bring a pair of shorts or not.  For tops I am bringing: the blue twisted tee (goes with my palazzo pants), a blue and white striped tee, blush striped tie tee, gingham shirt, black tank, cold shoulder printed top, a cold shoulder hot pink top (similar),and a white tank. I can mix and match these tops and pants but I am generally not someone who can wear a shirt more than once without washing it. Also? Totally not a fan of washing my clothes in a hotel sink so there’s that. I am bringing one denim jacket, one pair of wedges, a scarf, a pair of pj’s, a robe, and undergarments. I haven’t yet decided what I’ll wear on the plane but it will be centered around my Skechers. Of course I’ll pack accessories because that’s the fun and personality I’ll infuse in my vacay wardrobe!

Packing my toiletries will be the hard part. While I have travel sizes of many products I am a little concerned about making everything fit in quart size baggie. I know I can stop by the drug store when we’re there but even still what do I do with the products at the end of the week if I had to buy full sized ones? Throw them away? It seems so wasteful. Needless to say I am working on this portion of the packing.

While in San Francisco we’ll be going to Alcatraz, doing the Golden Gate Bridge, taking a tour of the city, going to Fishermen’s Wharf and all the other cute neighborhoods, visiting Muir Woods, going to a cable car museum, and the best part having dinner with Lisa and her husband! Honestly that is the highlight of the trip for me!

Do you have any advice for me? Packing tips? San Francisco tips? I’d love to hear!

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