Online Boutique Shopping – Is it any good?

Hey friends! There seems to be a new online boutique popping up on my social media every day. I’ll admit, sometimes I am drawn in by cute styles and affordable prices. But is shopping these online boutiques worth it? Is it any good to order from them? Today I am sharing my experiences and I’d love to hear yours as well.

Online Boutique Shopping

First things first, not all online boutiques are created equally. To have a good shopping experience DO YOUR RESEARCH. Check out their shipping and return policies and read item descriptions when possible. I believe in supporting small businesses but to think that all online boutiques are small businesses is where I have been mistaken. There are plenty that are reputable – namely Avara. But then there are others, who use photos of influencers in clothing similar to what they offer on their site. I noticed this not long ago while on Facebook. A dress that was part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale from Farm Rio was shown on one of the many boutique sites. They were using a mega influencers photo in the Farm Rio dress while trying to sell their own version. Buyer beware – how they can do this I am not sure!

My Experience

Since I have been at this blogger/influencer thing for a while now I have had my share of experiences and do quite a bit of online shopping. It seems almost every other day someone is reaching out to see if I’d like to ‘review’ or ‘share’ items from one of these online boutiques. I started noticing that the photos all look the same, only the boutique name had changed. Also? Quite a bit of the emails arrive in the middle of the night which had me wondering where these boutiques were located.

I say no to quite a few. The minute I peruse the site I get a feeling that this is not the quality or style I want it’s a NO. I made a few exceptions this year – one with Modlily. I really liked the swimsuits. However, when they approached my for another collab and I chose dresses it was a struggle. The quality is okay and on par with Shein, but it just isn’t me.

The dress below was a keeper from Modlily but it is a bit shorter than I’d prefer. That being said, I have worn it on a few occasions and received compliments!

A few months ago when Avara invited me to become an ambassador I was so excited! I LOVE their clothing. The quality is exceptional and the fun and colorful prints are perfection. I have had nothing but good experiences with them. The clothing arrives quickly and it’s packaged nicely – it is also coming to me from right here in the US. I am not sure how long my partnership will last because it’s based on items sold and so far I have sold nothing. It has been fun while it’s lasted though and even if I am not an ambassador I’d still buy from Avara.

Let’s talk Brindle Boutique. Another boutique that invited me to become an ambassador. I saw lots of ladies on Instagram singing their praises and everyone seems to love the Judy Blue jeans. The first order I received I was pretty pleased with – nice quality, good fit. I did notice that the garments all shipped separately and not from the boutique but China. They also reached out to me offering me a nice discount to order things I wanted. Honestly, there was nothing that caught my eye; I am trying to stay true to my style and not get caught up in the whole buy in order to sell trap. I didn’t buy anything so they offered to send me a few more pieces. I sent them a ‘wishlist’ and slowly things are trickling in. Can I tell you something – honestly tell you? This stuff is what you get on Amazon. Yes, I have a discount code you can use but unless you really love what you see I’d say skip it.

The top is cute but I don’t love it. The jeans are nice but a little too big.

I keep seeing really cute tops show up in my Facebook feed form various boutiques. So when Lady Boutique reached out to me on Instagram I decided to go for it. They would send me a top and I would do one IG post or reel and a story. I made my selection and the top arrived – packaging was nothing special. I had no idea what I was opening. I was disappointed because online the top looks like it is cotton poplin but it’s polyester. I like it fine but I would not order from them again. They did give me a coupon code but I’d rather not share it – I don’t want you to buy from here.

Final Thoughts on Online Boutique Shopping

To be brutally honest, online boutique shopping is not for me. Aside from Avara code: THISBLONDE15), Franne Golde, Clara Sunwoo and Gibsonlook (I love their blazers) I will not be placing more orders. As I mentioned I love Avara. Franne Golde has luxurious and classic styles but they are pricey. Clara Sunwoo is a brand I am in love with – the liquid leather is the absolute best and I really like the fabric they use on their other garments. Use my code KELLYANN10 if you’d like to shop Clara Sunwoo. Those are the 4 brands I would buy from with my own money!

I hope you know that when I endorse something it’s because I truly like it and not because I am being gifted or paid to share. My integrity is worth more than a paycheck.

What are your thoughts on online boutique shopping? I’d love to know which, if any, you have liked or disliked.

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