Jackie Sweater & Jeans: Trendy & Chic

One outfit combination that never fails is a great sweater and jeans. I like to make it even better by wearing a fabulous sweater and cute jeans! You can easily take your basic outfit and make that sweater and jeans trendy & chic!

Let’s just chat a second about these photos. It was drizzling and a storm was coming, hence the windblown hair! I was also using the timer on my DSLR – the kind where you push the button and then run around front and the picture is taken! On top of that my neighbors (family of 4) were going for a walk and watching the whole escapade. Good times.

Jackie Sweater and Jeans: Trendy & Chic

Think of all the places you’ll wear a sweater and jeans. Honestly, the door is wide open to interpretation because you can go incredibly dressed up or down with these two wardrobe staples. The pieces I chose are from Avara, they are known for trendy and chic styles and I have to agree!

Incredibly Luxe Sweater

The Jackie sweater is incredibly soft – the fabrication is like nothing else I own. It’s hard to describe except to say it’s scrumptious! It’s made of viscose and nylon and comes in quite a few colors (navy, camel, blush color block, pink, and hunter green)and sizes ranging from XS-XL. The website says it runs true to size, I am wearing a small. It has a high neckline that is almost a mock neck and 3/4 bell sleeves. When I have it on, it gives me a retro vibe – kinda 1960’s mod.

sweater and jeans trendy & chic from Avara
sweater and jeans trendy & chic from Avara

Great Jeans

Everyone needs a great pair of jeans in their closet. At least just one pair if not more. That pair you put on and feel comfortable but also feel really good in. That kind of good that says, “yeah, I like how I look in these.” This pair of jeans from Avara is that pair for me. I love the fit and the feel.

Avara has lots of great styles of jeans. The price point is good too! Use my code THISBLONDE15 to save 15% on your entire Avara purchase. You’ll find lots of great options that are both trendy & chic!

sweater and jeans trendy & chic from Avara

I kinda like the sweater tucked just a bit in front. It helps with the overall proportion since I am short waisted. I wanted to be sure you could see the full length of the sweater too. It doesn’t cover the bum; it’s not a tunic, just a basic-but-better-sweater!

sweater and jeans trendy & chic from Avara

I added my favorite accessories to my jeans and sweater outfit, just keeping things minimal but chic. It takes no extra time to completely style a look. Throwing on jeans and a sweater is something I bet everyone has done, but completing the look with accessories is the finishing touch that sets you apart.

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