New & Noteworthy- Flare Leg Leggings

Welcome to my new series “New & Noteworthy” a compilation of things that have caught my attention. Think of it as the kind of information you’d pass on to a friend, because we are friends, right?? Some weeks I’ll have a theme but most of the time it will be a hodge podge of things I jot down during the week. Spoiler alert: I may not love all the things I share, they may be new to me or things I haven’t shared yet with your or maybe just something I want you to know.

Today, however, I do have a bit of a theme. Leggings. Specifically flare leg. Let’s get into it!

New & Noteworthy – Flare Leg Leggings

Leggings are nothing new, right? I mean, really, we have ALL been wearing them for years. But I recently added this pair of Aerie flare leg leggings to my wardrobe. Hello, game changer! If you know me you know I feel strongly that a high waist, flare leg is the most universally flattering style on ANY body type. So it only makes sense that having leggings in this style is going to elevate my casual style! You can check out this post about styling flare leg pants.

flare leg leggings + v-neck sweatshirt + nikes

What to Look For & Where to Buy Them

Look for leggings that are well made and pay attention to the waist. A too-thin waist band can cut into your flesh in an unflattering way just like one that is too low. The Aerie pair I have are high waisted and have ruching. The fabric is thin, but not so thin they are see through. That works for me because I live in a hot climate but if I lived somewhere cooler I might be looking for something thicker and heavier. You might be interested in a pair that provides more compression and holds you in. The Aerie pair has some stretch but I’d hardly say they suck you in but they do a nice job of flattering and balancing out the body.

Do I like this photo? Um, no. But I want you to see the high waist and ruching. #thingsidofortheblog
flare leg leggings + v-neck sweatshirt + nikes

While I bought my flare leg leggings at Aerie, you can find them almost everywhere! Amazon has some, Old Navy, Target, Athleta, and of course Lululemon. Obviously prices are all over the place but keep in mind that the better the quality, the longer they’ll last. Thinner, lower quality fabrics may rip, and pill after just a few washes so you may not end up really saving money on the long run.

flare leg leggings + v-neck sweatshirt + nikes

Best Shoes to Wear

Don’t let the flare leg mess you up when it comes to shoes. Wear your cute sneakers! I have two pair I love – my old New Balance and my new Nikes. I’m loving the neutral tones of these Nikes – seriously, this style of shoe, known as ‘retro’is majorly trending and you can find them at any price point. Wear them lots of ways and not just with leggings!

I love these shoes!

On Top

My black flare leg leggings go with everything but to keep the look fresh I paired them with my new v-neck sweatshirt. It’s the perfect length! You can avoid looking frumpy and dumpy by keeping the proportion right. So many women thing leggings and big, long to-shirts or tunics. But that can look old and dated quickly. It can also backfire. Usually we opt for these oversized pieces because we think they’ll conceal and minimize certain parts of our body but the opposite is actually the case!

If you want to wear a button down or longer shirt, try knotting it at the waist or do a front tuck. That will help tremendously with the proportions.


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Why They’re Noteworthy

Flare leg leggings elevate a casual look – I’m pretty sure I’ll never wear mine to work out in but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to look sporty. I believe that’s where fashion is headed, we called it athleisure but I think we like the sporty look. It’s comfortable. It makes sense. Why not embrace it? Tell me what you think about this type of legging, are you a fan?

Thanks so much for stopping by today friends! I hope your weekend is wonderful with lots of laughs, love, and relaxation!

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