LBD Take 2 and Birthday Wrap Up

As promised I am back today to share 2 other ways I styled that new LBD of mine! My look on Sunday was kinda middle of the road – not too dress and not too casual. Today I’m showing it dressed up and down.

This first look is classic LBD all the way. Heels, pearls (similar), and a leopard clutch (similar)!Even though my feet are finicky, I am surprised at how comfortable these heels are. They aren’t bad at all but I’d never be able to wear them for a full day. Not only do I have bunions I also have no padding on the bottoms of my feet. No one seems to be able to explain where the padding on my feet went (have you seen it anywhere?) but according to an MRI that’s the deal. So shoes that don’t really work on me may work brilliantly on you!
I do love my pearls with anything and everything!
When we go on vacation later this month I am bringing this dress. I’m hoping to wear it casually during the day and then changing my shoes and accessories and wearing it out at night. Because I’m wild like that. Except not really. More like because I’m trying to not check any luggage and carry on everything! Yikes!

Yup, a denim jacket (similar,similar)and fun accessories will do the trick! I love a colorful clutch and I especially love it when it has tassels and a strap.  I love being able to wrap the strap around my wrist so my hands are (mostly) free. You can get my tassel necklace here and my earrings here.

I got these new Skechers a few weeks ago and I am IN LOVE. They are like walking on air. I am planning to bring these shoes and one pair of wedges and that’s it as far as shoes go!

So here’s a little birthday re-cap for you. My 50th birthday was on Sunday in case you missed that little tidbit. We had a very busy weekend that included a graduation party in addition to trying to celebrate me. On Friday night we went out for Happy Hour with friends and my brother and sister in law. We took one picture! Can you believe it? Only one. Of the dessert they brought me, ha!
Saturday I made a pie that turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. Oh well, live and learn. We took it to my parent’s house after the graduation party we attended. We went to dinner with them and back to their house for pie. I wanted Italian and we went to the best family owned little restaurant! The big news is that I actually ordered pasta – I never do that!
Sunday we had plans to go out to brunch but I cancelled them. I didn’t sleep well the night before and felt like I’d been run over by a train. So, we opted to pick up my free drink – thank you Starbucks – and a couple of breakfast sandwiches. They were very good!
My husband and I went shopping for a chaise lounge for me for our back porch. I also wanted to get some new plants to spruce things up back there. One of the things I am forcing myself to do is to spend more time outside – even when it’s hot. We have four ceiling fans outside and they do help. Since I work from home I can easily pop out there to sit by the pool and work. I figured since my last office had a chandelier I needed to up my game here at home!
Once we got home my bestie Windy came by with the sweetest flowers and a balloon for me! I was so surprised and hadn’t expected that at all.
Sunday night my sister and sister in law surprised me with a girls night out! Complete with a boa and tiara. Two surprises in one day?! It was fun! We never get to visit just us girls and this was just what we needed. In fact my sister brought a little cake so I did have birthday cake!
So that’show I spent the big day! It may not sound terribly exciting but at the end of the day I actually have pretty simple needs. I felt loved and also felt special and isn’t that what a birthday is about?
On Friday I’ll share a little more about what and who made my birthday extra special! I do hope you’ll come back!

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