Friday Favorites: Pajamas, Books, Shoes

Time for Friday Favorites once again. Today I am sharing my favorite pajamas, books I’ve recently read, and shoes that are keeping my feet happy!


Thirty years ago if you had told me I’d ever refer to a pair of pajamas as a favorite I’d have thought you were crazy. I slept in t-shirts, a night gown or two, but never intentionally shopped for pajamas. In fact, when I was getting married 28 years ago, I remember my aunt buying me a beautiful night gown and robe. It cost more than my wedding gown. I wondered what in the world I was supposed to do with that? I was not the kind of girl to wear silk gowns and after a long wedding day all I really wanted was to slip on something comfortable. That turned out to be a t-shirt and boxer shorts!

Fast forward to me being an actual grown up. An actual grown up that gets very hot at night. I have lots of sleep shorts from Old Navy that I have worn with t-shirts. I’ve even purchased Soma’s Cool Nights pieces (I don’t notice them keeping me cooler, do you?). They don’t wash up particularly well in my opinion. They fade and aren’t quite worth the price.

When I started seeing lots of influencers wearing Print Fresh my inner skeptic kicked in; they are pricey and I seriously doubted anyone would actually buy them with their own money. It’s easy to love something pricey when it’s gifted. I was drawn to the beautiful prints and the fact that they are 100% cotton. I found a robe on sale at Anthropologie last year and I had a coupon for an additional 20% off so score me – my first Print Fresh item was a steal! That’s when I realized how much I really liked this brand. The cotton is comfortable and washes well.

Now I regularly shop the site and get emails when there’s a sale. I bought a pair of pajamas and now I am hooked. I told my husband I wanted a pair for Mother’s Day and last week they had a sale so once again, I placed an order.

Here’s what my grown up self knows: quality is better than quantity. While I don’t throw dollars around like confetti, I will shop wisely and buy things I love. I love Print Fresh pajamas and no, they are not working with me!


If you follow me on IG (I hope you will), you know I talk a lot about my love of books and the delivery service my local library offers. Thanks to that, I have not purchased a book – other than devotionals or books for work – in more than 3 years. In the last few weeks I have read these three:

I am currently reading this one:

What have you been reading lately that I need to know about? I get the best recommendations from Katie at The Preppy Empty Nester and Fonda at Savvy Southern Chic. Usually I am reading their book reviews and immediately click over to my library to request a copy.


I’ll never tire of talking about shoes! My favorite shoes are those that are comfortable and cute. Lord knows I have had my share of foot issues and I’ve learned a thing or two about what I need in a shoe. When I first started blogging (6 years ago) I was in the midst of major foot pain. The only shoes I could wear at the time were Vionics. I have been suffering from Plantar’s Fasciitis for over a year now and considered buying orthotics. The problem is that I rarely wear closed shoes – I wear sandals. I pulled out a pair of Vionics I had in my closet and they’ve been a game changer. I have been wearing them daily. The photos below were outfits I wore last weekend, you can read about those here.

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite pajamas, books, and shoes. Do you have any favorites in these categories? I’d love to know!

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