Almost Christmas!

Happy Friday friends! It is almost Christmas and I couldn’t be happier. Both of my boys are headed home soon and that is the absolute best gift to me. As per usual I am sharing some favorite finds from the week with you – some you may want to snag in time for the big day in case you’re looking for a something for you or someone else.

Before I get to things to shop, let’s talk about things to do as we prepare for Christmas. I love to bake and last Sunday my sister hosted a cookie bake at her house. I made Lisa’s sugar cookie dough on Saturday and brought it over to roll and cut. I am almond obsessed so I substituted almond extract for the vanilla extract the recipe called for. My sister in law made gingerbread and it was too sticky to roll so we made one giant gingerbread man – my niece did not mind it all!

An Etsy shop owner made this beautiful art for my mother and sister. My cousin in NJ ordered it for them. I desperately want one! It was made from a photo of my dad dancing with my niece; we lost them both in 2019. I am having a hard time locating the person who made this and my cousin cannot find the record of her purchase. Do any of you know someone who makes these kinds of things? Please tell me if you do!

Okay, friends, let’s get on with this post!

First up is this sweet pair of pajamas. I wear short pajamas 99% of the time because it is so hot here and I turn into a furnace at night. These are so pretty – I love the pink and white stripes as well as the great price. If you’re interested in a longer version, check these out. They come in multiple colorways in case you aren’t a pink person. These would make an excellent gift idea!

I ordered this crimper for my hair after watching a tutorial on styling fine, thin hair on Youtube. The price was right and I’m all for trying anything that will help me fake fuller hair.

Previously I shared this lash serum with you all. At that time I didn’t feel like I could honestly say if I had noticed a change in my lashes. However, now I can! They do seem to have more volume and they may in fact be longer. I sleep on my stomach and I have noticed my lashes looked mashed in the morning. I need to remedy that with a sleep mask. I want to look great in our Christmas pictures and it would be nice to be able to forego false lashes.

My two piece set from Target (seen here) is definitely a favorite. As I said it is what I’ll be wearing for Christmas Day. It is as comfy and cozy as pajamas but it’s not. With plenty of room to be comfortable, it’s still so chic looking with heels and blingy accessories!

Pink Satin top + Pink Satin pull on pants

Speaking of Target, my favorite air fryer is on mega sale! I had been contemplating an air fryer for some time but could never quite commit. I desperately wanted something that fit in a cabinet and that seemed impossible. This one is perfection! It’s easy to use and clean, has several settings so it does more than a standard air fryer and it fits in my cabinet! The best news? It is $100 off right now bringing the total to just under $90!

This jewelry organizer is on it’s way to me but it won’t be here in time for Christmas. I am okay with that because it will be worth the short wait. I am purging all my old jewelry and ridding myself of the things I no longer wear. Goodbye big, cheap earrings! With fewer but better pieces, I can focus on wearing what I really love and what suits my style. Need a gift in a hurry? This one would be a great contender!


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