Sexy and Chic Over 50?

Happy Valentine’s Day friends! Since it’s the day to celebrate all things love, it seems a good time to share my thoughts on looking sexy and chic over 50, is it even possible? I cringe when I hear women say things like, “I’m too old for that” or “that was a long time ago.” Do we really have to give up looking sexy at a certain age? I say NOT. Is it possible to look sexy and chic at the same time? I say it IS!

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Please understand that these are not rules. These are simply tips I’ve discovered from things I’ve read and tried myself.

What is Sexy?

Let’s be clear at the start, I am not referring to the kind of in your face sexy that you see on movie screens or racy tv shows and commercials. In fact, to put things in perspective let me share what the word means when you google it: sexually attractive or exciting. Adjectives for sexy are: desirable, alluring, inviting, interesting, appealing, intriguing, and fashionable just to name a few. Even if you never want to be thought of as sexy but you would like to be the best version of yourself, I still think this post will resonate with you.

How to Dress Sexy and Chic

Dressing sexy and chic means dressing tastefully by having one focal point, wearing sensual and sophisticated colors, and using texture to add interest. An example might be instead of wearing plain black pants you opt for faux leather or coated denim. You might pair those bottoms with a silk blouse. That combo is much more alluring than polyester or rayon from head to toe, right?

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Think about the amount of skin you’ll show – not too much! Wearing something super short, see through, or with cut outs all over the place can come across as cheap or trying too hard. The 50 plus woman who is chic and sexy at the same time is confident and it shows in her clothing choices. If you are going to show some skin choose what area you want to show – if you’re wearing a shorter skirt pair it with a longer sleeve top. If you opt for a mini/short skirt why not wear taller boots? Jodie did this so well in this post about wearing short skirts modestly.

Sexy Accessories

The whole sexy and chic vibe doesn’t end with clothes. Your accessories play a role too. Too much jewelry is fussy – simple yet pretty pieces are actually sexier. Maybe a fine gold chain necklace that is dainty but highlights your decolletage. You might choose to long, dangling earrings instead. Again, pick what area you’ll highlight with your jewelry.

Statement necklace but kept everything else minimal

Shoes can be sexy and chic too. A high heel is a no brainer BUT too high of a heel that you can’t walk in will have the opposite effect and won’t convey confidence. Shoes allow you to show off your ankles which can be very sexy so choosing shoe that’s interesting in texture, pattern, design, or color will call attention that area for sure.

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Even the right handbag can add to the overall effect of sexy and chic. A well made bag that’s the right size is tres chic! If you work hard coordinating the right outfit, shoes, and jewelry make sure you don’t overlook this important detail.

I prefer a smaller bag that can be worn as a crossbody as opposed to a tote bag that can be big and bulky. Below are a few of my favorites:

Don’t Forget About These

Don’t forget about your hair, make up, and even perfume. While we tend to think long hair is sexy that is not the case. Hair that suits you in a style that suits you and strengthens your confidence is sexy. A smoky, smoldering eye might be a make up look to try or maybe a red lip and red nails. The red lip paired with the smoky eye is too much – pick one or the other. The make up look below is so well done, I found it when I googled sexy and chic make up for women over 50.

How about perfume? Do you have a special one you wear for date night? Or a time when you want to feel your best? I tend to wear one perfume all the time, Viva La Juicy. I’ve been wearing it for years and like it so much but I’m certainly open to trying something new every now and then.

My Own Experience

As a young woman with large breasts I struggled with this all the time. It seemed no matter what I wore I felt objectified. It seemed women gave me dirty looks either out of judgement or jealousy and men gawked. I HATED the attention. To cover up I tried to wear large tops with lots of volume and my posture was horrible as I tried to conceal my breasts.

It didn’t help that it was the 80’s and we all had big hair and big make up. Because I couldn’t wear the preppy polos my school mates wore – they looked horrible on my big chest – I decided to go the opposite direction. I channeled my inner Madonna, wore loud, crazy clothes. The problem was I was still being judged. No one thought I was smart, they thought I was an airhead. Often times people don’t give you the benefit of a getting to know you before passing judgement. It honestly took years to repair my self esteem and feel confident. A breast reduction in college helped tremendously too.

Final Thoughts

Just because we are a certain age doesn’t mean we have to close off parts of ourselves. If you want to be sexy and chic you can – don’t let age stop you or society’s rules. This may look different for each of us – and it should since we are all unique. But I do hope that if you think about the tips I’ve shared that you can find something useful.

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