How to Wear Gold Earrings with Fashion Jewelry

Gold EarringsNo surprise I love all the fashion jewelry because I think accessories really make an impact. It’s fun to mix and match various styles to completely transform an outfit. While I don’t subscribe to many fashion rules I personally don’t like wearing fashion jewelry like a statement necklace with large, fashion earrings or vice versa. It just appears to be too much and each piece seems to be fighting to get noticed. Like children competing for their parents attention, ya know? My personal preference is to wear small gold earrings with fashion jewelry.
Gold Earrings

 One || Two || Three || Four

I put together a collection of my favorite gold earrings – all are on my wishlist.  The first pair is a jacket earring – something I’ve never worn before but really like the look. The second pair is a wardrobe basic – a great gold hoop. The third is an ear cuff that I just love – it seems kinda edgy! No piercing necessary but makes a statement. Finally a simple gold fan shape is a great every day option with a little extra sass.

While I don’t own much fine jewelry I enjoy a great pair of gold earrings. My current favorite is a rose gold hoop earring with tiny hearts – I think they are just so sweet! Gold Earrings



I grab these little rose gold hoops when I’m wearing a statement necklace or even on days when I’m wearing a very casual outfit. I feel more put together when my jewelry is on! This is what I wore on Saturday to the Farmer’s Market and to do a little shopping.Gold Earrings

My gold earrings are so lightweight I forget that I have them on. Sleeping in them or even wearing them to the gym isn’t an issue since they’re small enough not to interfere. Mixing and matching metals is perfectly okay as well when it comes to accessories.Gold Earrings

So here are my tips for combining gold earrings and fashion jewelry:

  • buy quality gold earrings – get the good stuff that doesn’t tarnish or turn your ears green
  • choose any color fashion jewelry – mix metals and textures to add interest
  • if you have multiple piercings in your ears choose a small gold earring for at least one of the holes
  • try a gold cuff earring to add a little edge to any outfit – no piercing required!

On the daily you’ll find me wearing my better pieces and then I like to throw in fashion jewelry from favorite retailers like Baublebar. But nothing takes the place of a fabulous, real gold earring. It’s always a safe bet and always in style! It’s an investment that when you figure your cost per wear will likely come to pennies on the dollar!

Do you have a favorite pair of gold earrings you reach for over and over again? Thanks for stopping by today – I’ll be back tomorrow for the #AgelessStyle link up!

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