Friday Favorites – Catching My Eye Lately

Friday, you handsome devil thank you for arriving just in the nick of time! Friends…this week, has been a whirlwind. But not so much that I haven’t taken note of what’s been catching my eye lately!

Catching My Eye Lately

I’ve got a round up of odds and ends that have caught my eye. Funny, but as I go through my week I often think, “I need to share this with them they’ll love it!” So I write in the notes app on my phone. I’ve got a great podcast, a show, a new bag, new eye product, and a new necklace!


On the entertainment front I have really enjoyed listening to the Scamanda podcast, It was quick and easy to listen to yet so captivating. It’s about an actual influencer and how much she lied! Kind of funny since I have had experience in this department as of late. I highly recommend you give it a listen!

Raise your hand if you enjoy crime shows, I’ll wait. Yes, many of you. So while perusing Paramount Plus, Why Women Kill caught my eye. I figured it was a documentary. It was not, it was an actual show that was 2 seasons and sooooooo good!

Eye Catching Accessories

A few weeks back I mentioned wanting a cognac bag. Well, I got one! This Coach bag was new at Bloomingdale’s and checked all the boxes. It took me less than 10 minutes to say yes! First of all I love the color and the quality. Coach makes a great bag, hands down always great leather. This bag has the right amount of room for me and can be worn on the shoulder or as a crossbody.

Also from a few weeks ago, you might remember that I wanted a new necklace. I had been eyeing a few that were a little pricey. Enter Amazon and this beauty! I have scarcely taken it off since it arrived. I highly recommend this beauty!!! It is 18k gold plated and looks much more expensive.

New Eye Product

I’ve kind of fallen in love with Laura Gellar products. I’m still using my drug store products daily but I wanted to get some powder foundation for when I travel. I tried Laura Gellar’s eyeliner stick and I have to say – it stays put. Totally mature eye friendly and the same thing is true for the mascara. No raccoon eyes! The prices are so good, she has a money back guarantee – have you checked out Laura Gellar yet?

Wrapping it Up

That wraps it up for the week. Next week I have some good things coming up to share with you. I can also barely believe it is almost September. I am not complaining – August is not my favorite month. School starting and all the busy-ness – ugh.

Thanks so much for stopping by today, I appreciate you being here. Please consider signing up to receive my posts by email and following me on Instagram and Pinterest.


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