Hair Growth Journey with Fully Vital

I have been keeping a secret friends and today I am going to spill the beans! I have been using a hair growth system from Fully Vital for awhile now – about 6 weeks. This isn’t the kind of thing you use for a week and report on – at least not when you’re working with a reputable company. So when we entered into this agreement that was one of the first questions I asked. I cannot use a hair growth system and report back in 2 weeks that it’s been ‘life changing’ or that I’ve had ‘amazing results’ – nope, no can do. I am also leery of ‘talking points’ that brands send. You know, the things you need to include on your review. So, this my friends, is a real and honest review. Yes, Fully Vital gifted me a 3 month bundle and asked me to share my review but you are about to read my honest opinions on my hair growth journey.

Please note that the links contained in this post are not affiliate links. I have linked back to Fully Vital’s site and products so you can see for yourself and read the science behind them.

Hair Growth Journey with Fully Vital

One thing no one ever asks me about is how I get my hair to look a certain way – ha!! I have always had fine, thin, straight hair. I may have defied gravity back in the 80’s with my big hair but nowadays there’s no faking it. My hair is what it is. At 55 hormones are playing a role as well. I believe I shared here – as well as on Instagram – that my dermatologist diagnosed me with a form of alopecia. He prescribed a medication to prevent further hair loss but I stopped taking it. I read about the side effects and decided against it.

For the record, I used to take a daily hair growth supplement. Until I stopped and never got back into the routine. I also used hair growth drops but they were kind of milky and I didn’t care for the way they left my hair. I took some time to read Fully Vital reviews on their website and agreed to work with them because their drops are clear and the bottle is larger than the one I previously used (more for your money). The supplements are taken twice a day – with food. So this was different enough from my previous experience to pique my interest.

Take a look at a side by side of my part. The first photo is from June, 2021 and the 2nd photo is from yesterday.

What Causes Thinning Hair

If you check out Fully Vital’s site and read the science behind hair thinning you’ll learn quite a bit! Apparently doctors use a Ludwig Scale to determine the severity of female pattern hair loss. There are three types, check it out here.

Apparently hormones are the #1 culprit for hair thinning. Factors like stress, nutrition, inflammation, circulation, and aging contribute as well. Based on this information, Fully Vital developed a 3 step approach to combat the problem – nourish, stimulate, and boost.

Fully Vital Hair Growth Bundle

Fully Vital Hair Growth

When my 3 month supply arrived, I was intrigued! Fully Vital’s system includes Enhance Hair Supplements, to nourish, a Bamboo hair brush and Enhance Hair Serum to stimulate, and a Gold & Grow Derma Roller to boost.

The Enhance Hair Supplements are capsules you take twice a day after eating. They are gluten and dairy free – actually all of the products are as well as being cruelty and fragrance free as well. Everything is vegan and clean.

At first glance I thought there was no way I was using the brush on my hair – I have been using the SAME boar’s hair brush since college. I was afraid this would damage my hair. Actually just the opposite seems to be the case. For the first time in forever I feel like I am actually brushing all of my hair – from the scalp down. I hope that make sense but it is such a change for me. It is recommended that you brush your scalp vigorously 100 times and then apply the serum.

I keep the serum on my bathroom counter top and apply it to my scalp before fixing my hair for the day and then again when I wash my face at night and get ready for bed. The serum does not get washed out – so if you wash your hair at night, apply the serum after you have showered.

The Gold & Grow Derma Roller is not only great for hair growth but it also stimulates collagen production on your face and skin. Scalp health is key to growing hair so it makes sense to keep it clean and to boost circulation. It activates hair follicles for re-growth. Use it twice a week.

My Experience with Fully Vital

Taking the supplements daily was made easier for me once I put them on my kitchen table. Believe it or not, I have to see them to remember and this is the best way I know to make that happen. I’ll admit I missed a dose or two here and there but overall I did very well taking the supplements. There were zero side effects from taking the supplements.

The Enhance Hair Serum and brush were very easy to use. I’ll admit I am not good at counting home many times I am vigorously brushing my scalp but it feels very good and it’s easy to do. Like I mentioned above, I really like that the serum is clear and I can apply it to my scalp and work it in easily. It feels good and doesn’t leave any kind of residue on my hair or scalp.

The first time I used the Gold & Grow Derma Roller my husband asked, “um, what are we doing here?” Ha!!! I told him and he just stared at me, of course he did. The man has a full head of hair he literally never does anything to except shampoo. He knows not what I go through! But this step takes some getting used to because of the small needles. Listen – you aren’t going to bleed or cut your scalp, but the needles are 1mm and that takes some getting used to. I picked two nights a week – Mondays and Thursdays to use the roller.

Overall my experience has been good. My scalp is cleaner and healthier. How do I know this? Well for starters, it feels clean. I have always complained that my hair is oily and since using these products – I’m about 6 weeks in – I’m not seeing all the excess oil. I’ve been able to go several days without washing my hair!

I’ve also noticed that my hair looks healthier. My best friend commented at dinner on Saturday night how good my hair looked. She mentioned it looked fuller. Yes, I had my hair trimmed and added some layers which helped but I didn’t use any styling products. That’s a major win for me.

Is Fully Vital Worth It?

If you check out their site, you’ll see that Fully Vital offers a 120 day money back guarantee which is extremely impressive. You can read and listen to some of the Fully Vital reviews here. My overall opinion is that yes, Fully Vital is worth trying. Like anything, you have to commit to using the system – it takes only about 2 minutes a day. If your hair thinning or hair loss is a concern for you then definitely try it out. You have nothing to lose.

For many of us, our hair is our crowning glory. It is a part of our identity – how man times have you described someone by either the color of their hair or their hairstyle? When we experience changes it’s hard to know why or how they are happening but that doesn’t mean we have to suffer in silence. I have brought up my thinning hair to my gynecologist on multiple occasions and he just looked at me sympathetically. I did mention it to my dermatologist, well the PA at the dermatologist ‘s office a few years ago and she said nothing. This year when I saw the actual dermatologist he told me about the alopecia and prescribed medicine. The side effects were scary (breast tenderness among others).

Given all of that, I will be purchasing the supplements and the serum with my own money to continue this journey. I feel that strongly because I can see and feel the difference. My hair dresser and I joked about it when I told him what I’ve been taking, that he’ll probably never have to use thinning shears on my hair. But that’s okay – I do see baby hairs growing and that has me hopeful.

Wrapping it Up

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it was informative. I’m planning to update you from time to time on my continued progress. I initially decided to start my hair growth journey after reading Fully Vital reviews, and I am thankful to them for giving me this opportunity to try these products. Please let me know if you have any questions!

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