What’s Hot January 26, 2024

What a week! Thanks for stopping by to check out what’s hot this week – aka what caught my eye in the last 7 days! If you follow me on Instagram, you know all about my encounter with wildlife last Friday. That has overshadowed all else in the last week. However, I do have quite a few things to share with you!

What’s Hot January 26, 2024

You might have noticed the necklace I seem to be wearing all the time. It’s this one. It was a Christmas gift and I really like it so much! Here are some heart necklaces that caught my eye – I kinda want another one to wear with the one I already own. How many heart necklaces does one woman really need? #dontanswerthat

I finally used one of the gift cards I received for Christmas. These booties were $110 and have been marked down to $43! They arrived on Monday and did not disappoint. They are soft, comfortable, and the block heel height is 2 5/8 inches making them very wearable.

Yesterday you saw my new blue dress from Walmart (Free Assembly). I love the classic styling and the quality is top notch. At the same time I ordered the dress I ordered this scuba top and pants from Scoop. Holy cow is it good! The fabric feels incredible on and I’ll be honest – I think the quality is so much better than all the 2 piece sets from Amazon. I especially love the seam down the front of the pants – it makes them look more like a trouser.

These shoes caught my eye at Evereve. Of course the light pink makes them stand out! It’s subtle enough that I think they’d still go with just about everything. Have you noticed how affordable these Nikes are? My achy feet are so very happy that sneakers are so popular!

Loft introduced some new arrivals for spring and I liked a lot of what I saw! My secret for shopping Loft is to stay away from prints – well some prints. Things like stripes are classics but some of the prints from Loft can look dated after a season. Also? And I am almost embarrassed to say this – but if I buy a print or pattern from Loft there is a part of me that worries someone else will be wearing the exact thing when I go somewhere! It’s always in the back of my mind. Anyway…here are some of the pieces I love from their new arrivals!

Definitely not a favorite but on my way to the gym last Friday (around 4:30am) several deer ran into my car. Yes, they ran into me! Anyway, the deer walked away, but boy did my car sustain some damage!

In any case, I have a rental car now and am anxiously awaiting the completion of repairs. I have no idea when that will be but I am working on just being very grateful that I have a rental car to use and that I have car insurance.

That wraps up this week’s what’s hot! This weekend we soak up every moment we can with our son, Nolan. Next Saturday he leaves for Philly – ugh. It is going to be a bug adjustment to put it mildly.

I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed weekend. You fill my heart with gratitude!

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