Friday Favorites – Hello, November!

Here we are in November with the holidays on the horizon, I feel I need to pinch myself because I can hardly grasp it. What a week it has been, I’m starting this week’s favorites with a look back at last weekend!

Favorite #1

My two nieces were just adorable on Halloween! At 4 and 15 they dressed very differently but I think they both look fantastic.

Favorite #2

Speaking of Halloween, I am still giddy about dressing up for the first time (in my married life). The party we attended, albeit small, included prizes and we won for best couple! My friend is a fantastic hostess and thought of everything!

Favorite #3

Dressing this time of year is a favorite of mine. I wore this outfit last weekend to run errands. I just enjoy fall clothes so much. Give me a hat and a lightweight long cardi or kimono and I am one happy lady!

Distressed Denim + Hat  Booties + Cardi
Favorite jeans || Hat ||Booties

Favorite #4

A few weeks ago I made these Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers, recipe here. My husband loved them and has been requesting them so of course I made them this week. Easy and delicious! I found this recipe on Instagram!

Favorite #5

Again, if you follow me on the IG you know all about the renovations to our home. This week our master bedroom and bathroom were gutted. I am anxious to get this show on the road, so yeah, this is a favorite!

Favorite #6

The outfit I shared on Wednesday is definitely a favorite and I can hardly wait to wear it out! A flare leg pant creates sexy curves and a one shoulder sweater is alluring without being trashy.

ICYMI, I have had a pretty solid week of blog posts! Find them here:





Have a super weekend, friends! Whatever you have on your agenda I sure hope it brings you joy because happiness is an inside job!

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