Wardrobe Must Have: Silk Blouse

Recently I put together a list of items I wanted for the upcoming season and that included a silk blouse. I have actually never owned a silk blouse, I did have a sleeveless silk number years ago but got rid of it. While I liked it I didn’t love it – I bought it on sale and it was snake print. It just ended up being something I hardly wore. However, now that I have discovered Quince, and their beautiful, washable silk, I am all in! And no, this is not a sponsored post – I bought this blouse myself!

I was looking for a classic, silk blouse in navy. Something I felt I’d wear for years to come and would definitely be considered a wardrobe staple. Laundering was a factor as well; there’s no point in purchasing an “affordable” silk blouse if it has to be dry cleaned. Luckily the hunting and pecking paid off and I found Quince. Free shipping and free returns meant I could order the blouse in two sizes to determine which size is best. I ended up with a medium and the fit is perfect.

The funny thing is that during my search I was contacted by a company that sells silk blouses and pillow cases on Amazon. The offer was a $90 blouse which would essentially be free. The catch – I had to order it and then they would reimburse me with an Amazon gift card. It seemed an answer to my problem, they had what I wanted. However, I read the reviews and things like – “hard to iron and get the wrinkles out” and “send to dry cleaner” gave pause. No thanks. A few years ago I would have jumped at the chance but 5 years later I have learned that it’s okay to say no thank you. Speaking of ironing, this blouse came straight out of the package, so yes, it could use a little steaming. But as photo shoots go over here, this was a hurry up and get it done kind of shoot (aren’t they all over here?).

My faux leather utility pants you saw on Monday are back again. I love the idea of mixing these two textures as well as styles. Taking a classic, sophisticated piece like the silk blouse and pairing it with faux leather is refreshing and trendy!

This style may not seem like my usual – but I am most definitely a mood dresser. I go through phases! One day I am hot on the trail of all things boho, casual, distressed and then the next I am elegance and sophistication. I blame my Gemini birth sign! I cannot be type cast I suppose and that is just fine by me. I have fun dressing and expressing myself, why not?

Now, for a little behind the scenes fun…originally we photographed this at 6pm on Monday night. It was a little too early, the sun was still too high but I was in a hurry and I was afraid it might rain. When I sat down to look at the photos, they were not good and I knew we could do better. So about an hour later I got dressed again and we took the photos I ended up using. The problem? I had my handbag facing the wrong way! The whole point of using it was to showcase the gold hardware – the satchel style is more elegant and a good fit with the whole outfit – compared to the bag I carry most days. See the photo below- the handbag is right but the lighting is terrible and I cannot edit a photo to save my life!

Thanks for being here today! I appreciate you stopping by!

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